GRAFF transforms bathroom into wellness retreat

GRAFF Designs range of spa-like showers, innovative water technologies and stylish designs, allows the bathroom to evolve from a functional and clinical space to a room for living…

GRAFF Designs Ametis collection shower and water detail

With its state-of-the-art technology, GRAFF’s product portfolio includes smart chromatherapy and hydrotherapy showers and basin mixers, helping create rooms of pure serenity, injecting the power of the natural world into the bathroom through water. Designed by Davide Oppizzi, GRAFF’s iconic Ametis Collection leads the way in luxury spa showering, bringing new dimensions of wellness and relaxation. The Ametis Shower Column with its high-tech integrated LED chromotherapy lighting system stands out from the crowds. The shower ring creates a waterfall effect, gently cocooning the body with water whilst wall jets offer massaging sprays for the ultimate experience. For a gentler more organic approach,  the Ametis wall-mounted mixer and its beautifully curved spout delivers cascading water in a gentle delivery.

pink bathroom with wooden stool, plant and GRAFF Ametis shower column

Image credit: GRAFF Designs

“At GRAFF, sustainability, quality, and cutting-edge design go hand in hand,” said Ziggy Kulig, GRAFF Founder, President and CEO. “As a company, we are devoted to preserving our planet’s precious resources, while working tirelessly to create dream spaces that enhance personal wellness around the world. Our products are designed to give people moments of complete serenity and extraordinary experiences with water.”

GRAFF Designs render of the Aqua-Sense Collection shower in a bathroom set

Image credit: GRAFF Designs

Bringing technical innovation to the bathroom, GRAFF’s Aqua-Sense Collection combines water, light and sound in effortless harmony. Delivering a physical and emotional showering experience, Aqua-Sense pushes the boundaries of digital showering. With an intuitive interface, the touchscreen controls allow the user to regulate water functions, colour, music and video preferences with ease. Its lighting capabilities create a soothing effect through diffused chromatic lines, whilst its rain, waterfall and mist spray options deliver unparalleled experiences with water. All products in the range boast water aerators, creating plump droplets that envelop the body.

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Main image credit: GRAFF Designs