Product watch: Millio from Duravit

Duravit has collaborated with the Italian industrial designer Antonio Bullo to create Millio – a toilet that makes a bold design statement without compromising on functionality or hygiene…

bathroom with bright blue Duravit toilet and vanity with walls in bold botanical wallpaper

The Millio toilet from Duravit, combines a hygienic ceramic interior with a customisable exterior made from DuroCast Smooth. “I created Millio to breathe new life into objects that are otherwise confined to their bare essentials,” said Antonio Bullo, Designer. “The design includes three surface finishes that are available in different colours. Millio goes beyond mere function by dissolving the division that currently exists between sanitary ceramic and the bathroom,” continued Bullo. “Millio is completely integrated into the aesthetics of the bathroom”.

The toilet is comprised of two distinctly separate parts, yet they are a perfect fit: a ceramic toilet interior and a mineral-material exterior that is pleasantly soft to the touch. The unique material combination offers the best of both worlds, as the customisable exterior provides the maximum opportunity for versatility of design and is combined with outstanding hygiene thanks to the ceramic toilet interior. Duravit’s choice for the exterior is DuroCast Smooth, a durable material that is more than equal to the rigours of everyday use.

DuroCast Smooth provides a gel coat finish that enables a variety of colours and textures to be combined making it extremely versatile in terms of design opportunities. The colour palette comprises of five contemporary colours curated by designer Christian Werner and is also available in one of three different grooved and patterned surface textures: which offer an enticing visual and tactile alternative to the smooth standard version. The colour concept includes other Duravit products that can be merged together in a variety of ways – from a monochrome bathroom in Parlour Blue right up to a multi-coloured

A special option is available for order quantities of 24 units and above. Ordered in such numbers, Millio can be manufactured in any colour, opening completely new design opportunities for projects. For example, if the colour of a brand identity is to be consistently integrated into a building project such and offering can be included within the overall design concept.

white Millio wall hung toilet designed by Antonio Bullo for Duravit

Image credit: Duravit

Design that meets the highest hygiene standards As a ceramic specialist with decades of experience, Duravit selected hygienic ceramic as the material for the body of the Millio toilet. The inner basin of the glossy white surface was additionally finished with the HygieneGlaze antibacterial glaze to offer maximum hygiene. After just six hours, 90 per cent of bacteria (e.g. coli bacteria) are inhibited and after 24 hours 99.9 per cent – an unprecedented level. The exterior made from DuroCast Smooth is affixed to the ceramic bowl via a waterproof bond, making it easy to clean. Similarly, the pore-free surface of the mineral material plays its part in keeping the toilet clean and hygienic.

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Main image credit: Duravit