Encouraging better handwashing with Intellimix from Ideal Standard

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    Encouraging better handwashing with Intellimix from Ideal Standard

    Bathroom brand Ideal Standard has launched Intellimix, a smart, cost-effective solution to support better hygiene in spaces as the commercial world reopens…

    Designed to dispense both soap and water with every use, Intellimix is completely touch-free, guaranteeing improved hygiene standards in public washrooms. Ideal for offices, leisure facilities and other high-traffic environments, such as shopping centres, hotels and restaurants, and airports, the fitting significantly lowers running costs while being sustainable and reducing waste.

    Close-up of a digital tap with orange walls

    Despite delivering an optimum volume of soap with every wash for improved hygiene, Intellimix actually reduces the overall amount of soap and water typically used in washrooms with traditional fittings, minimising waste and generating cost savings of up to 80 per cent on soap and 85 per cent on water. Maintenance and cleaning is also hassle-free, with less frequent and faster soap replacement compared to traditional dispensers, and reduced cleaning required with all soap directed into the bowl.

    The World Health Organisation recommends that washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is one of the easiest but most effective ways to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. However, according to research, 30 per cent of European office workers don’t wash their hands with soap when visiting the washroom and of those that do, 95 per cent don’t use enough soap or water. Intellimix solves this issue by delivering an optimised digital wash cycle including soap and water every time, with the in-built screen displaying clear handwashing instructions to enhance the handwashing experience.

    Bluetooth enabled, Intellimix also offers parameter settings which can be easily controlled by facilities managers via a smartphone. From the palm of their hands, they can conveniently change a variety of settings on all taps in a building, including how much soap is dispensed, how long water should flow and how often anti-stagnation flushing should occur. Intellimix also sends notifications when soap is running low to avoid unnecessary physical checks.

    The fitting is available in Chrome and Black Onyx versions, while panel mounted models will launch later in 2021. What’s more, the screen can also be set to display a company logo or any advertising image during idle times.

    Bert Depiere, Vice President of Fittings at Ideal Standard, said: “Events of the past year have reinforced the importance of hygiene across the globe – which is not only impacting human behaviour, but has also permanently changed the requirements for public washroom design. It’s more critical than ever that these shared spaces, and the technology in them, are designed with the end user’s health and protection in mind.

    Intellimix has been introduced to meet these demands by improving hygiene and making it easier than ever before to ensure that all building users are handwashing effectively. Not only that, but it also helps businesses reduce their impact on the environment, while saving vital operational costs.”

    As well as the fitting, Ideal Standard has also developed Intellimix Mild Antibacterial Foam Soap, a unique formula to ensure flawless performance and optimal hygiene. Irritant-free and with a rich, thick texture, it is gentle on skin and offers a luxurious experience every time.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 19.05.2021


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