Duravit offers attractive solutions to safety in the bathroom

    safe surfaces in the bathroom and shower from duravit
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    Duravit offers attractive solutions to safety in the bathroom

    Bathrooms can present us with a range of risks and hazards. With this always in mind, Duravit offers solutions that are both safe as well as aesthetically dynamic…

    safe surfaces in the bathroom and shower from duravit

    Whether caused by moisture, less than ideal structural conditions, or operator error, typical sources of risk in the bathroom include slipping or stumbling hazards, and scalding hot water. The risk of accidents can be significantly reduced if careful precautions are taken right from the beginning of the design and specification process. Duravit’s range includes a host of elements to enhance safety in the bathroom – whilst still meeting the highest aesthetic standards.

    flush fitting shower base by duravit to prevent accidents in the bathroom

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    Preventing falls with a flush-fitting, anti-slip base is why all Duravit acrylic shower trays come with an antislip coating to reduce the risk of slipping on a wet surface. The transparent and yet tangible primer guarantees sureness of footing and slip-resistance. TÜV Rheinland has confirmed quality level C for wet barefoot areas (DIN 51097). For example, all Tempano shower trays are available with this anti-slip coating.

    Products made from DuraSolid meet anti-slip requirements even without an additional coating. DuraSolid is a cast mineral material developed by Duravit. Bathtubs made from DuraSolid A feature a matt, velvety surface, and offer a pleasant feel without visible joints and seams – for example the bathtubs of the ranges Cape Cod by Philippe Starck, Dura Square or Luv by Cecilie Manz. Stonetto shower trays with the DuraSolid Q surface texture guarantee safety in the bathroom thanks to class B slip-resistance. Users warm to the innovative mineral material on the first touch
    thanks to its texture that is reminiscent of natural stone.

    Structural conditions need to be taken into account in addition to the composition of bathroom elements. Flush-fitting showers do not have a lip, which helps prevent trips. Tempano offers the option of a straightforward flush-fitting installation, and the specially developed support frame is supplied in a preassembled format and can be easily adapted to the height of the floor structure on site using templates and the adjustable feet that are accessible from above. Stonetto also offers the option of flush-fitting installation.

    Bathroom lighting can be a further safety factor, and a well-lit bathroom makes trip hazards visible –by day and night. Shower-toilets with LED night-light function, such as SensoWash Starck f, offer orientation and safety in the dark without interrupting the body’s repose. All keys on the A2 actuator plate are permanently illuminated in the dark to aid orientation and the night-light function switches on or off automatically, depending on the ambient light. Some mirrors and mirrored cabinet models also feature washbasin lighting that acts as a night light. For example, the L-Cube furniture series comes with an optional installation frame including an integrated LED night light and daylight sensor.

    Scald protection thanks to thermostats is another safety feature that can be easily intergrated into a design. A thermostat guarantees that the required temperature can quickly be set and is ideal in cases of recurrent fluctuations in pressure and temperature in the supply pipes. A safety lock at 38 degrees Celsius protects the user from scalding. At the same time, warmer water can be obtained by pressing a safety button and turning the handle further. The C.1 Duravit faucet series by Kurt Merki Jr. includes shower-head and bathtub thermostats for exposed or concealed installation, as is also the case with B.1 and B.2. Shower systems that are optionally available with a thermostat or single lever shower mixer are a practical all-in-one solution. Holistic bathroom design is ensured by B.1, B.2, and C.1, each perfectly match all Duravit series with their soft, striking, or simply unpretentious design language. Polished chrome surfaces ensure a pleasant feel on all models. The combination of the anti-slip and flush-fitting base, illumination, and a thermostat from the Duravit portfolio creates a safe environment, consistent with the design concept of the holistic bathroom.

    Duravit is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our Recommended Suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

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