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  • Collaboration goals: KEUCO & TEAM7 create luxe bathroom concept

    Bathroom design | Contemporary hotel bathroom, with moody interiors
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    Collaboration goals: KEUCO & TEAM7 create luxe bathroom concept

    TEAM 7 and KEUCO have combined heads to form a luxurious bathroom furnishing concept, which has resulted in the striking interiors of EDITION LIGNATUR…

    For more than 60 years, the Austrian company TEAM 7 has been creating exquisite, meticulously handcrafted, solid wood furniture for every area of the house. However, one room was missing; the bathroom. This issue was solved by forming a partnership with KEUCO; its expertise in washbasins, light mirrors, accessories and fittings led to the creation of EDITION LIGNATUR.

    Bathroom design | Contemporary hotel bathroom, with moody interiors

    Created by leading design agency Tesseraux + Partner; each piece of EDITION LIGNATUR bathroom furniture is individually crafted and produced. The collection includes, single or double washbasins which can be recessed or table-top, sideboards, tall units and benches. All of the furniture is made from one of three premium natural woods: light oak, Venetian oak, (which gets its extraordinary appearance from natural embellishments produced by the shipworm) and noble walnut.

    The wood grain of each piece of natural wood used for EDITION LIGNATUR furniture has to look good together with the grain of every other piece. To achieve this they take the time beforehand to arrange the individual slats that make up the natural wood panels to make sure they look good together and to produce a harmonious overall picture in the bathroom. This first procedure is a specific step called ‘painting with wood’.

    As the base units made of premium woods, it is possible to combine washbasins made of Varicor or ceramic. A free-standing fitting that was designed specifically for the round Varicor basin stands raised in the middle of the washbasin.

    The washbasins can also be combined with KEUCO wall-mounted fittings. KEUCO accessories put the finishing touch on the harmonious overall picture.

    The EDITION LIGNATUR light mirror has very special features: The luminous colour can be infinitely adjusted and dimmed from warm white to daylight-like illumination (2700 – 6500 Kelvin) by pressing a touch-sensitive key panel. This makes it possible to adapt the light to the mood of the user and also allow you to see for example, when applying makeup what the effect would be outdoors, in the office or in a restaurant as the mirror’s light shade causes the light to fall pleasantly from above. After showering, a smart detail ensures that the integrated mirror heater guarantees fog-free vision in a matter of seconds.

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    KEUCO is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

    Main image credit: KEUCO

    Hamish Kilburn / 18.10.2021


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