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  • TREND ALERT: Aspirational lifestyle interior design is in!

    Wooden trendy beams in homely room
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    TREND ALERT: Aspirational lifestyle interior design is in!

    Following pandemic paralysis, forcing the world’s population to become short-term introverts, aspirational lifestyle interior design is now on trend, argues Deborah Heath from Design by Deborah…

    Social media is full of images of how the celebrated live and play and ideas on how to create your own version of their lifestyles.

    Wooden trendy beams in homely room

    We are more likely to see where they go on holiday than in their own homes, providing the backdrop for their seemingly perfect lives. We are looking to share that experience. We all want our hotels to be more exciting, comfortable and luxurious than our own home. We want to stay somewhere special, create memories and escape our normal lives and dream.

    The digital world now has another layer of influence. There are bloggers, Facebook and Instagram masters, who follow, promote and create trends quickly and easily. During this lockdown period many of your clients will have spent many hours browsing the many different ideas on offer. Everyone is looking forward to that moment when they can stay in a hotel again. So it is important to offer something exciting and so different to staying at home.

    Of course we don’t all share the lifestyle to which we aspire, thank goodness. When looking at how to market a hotel the team will consider the aspirations of its clients. In essence what experience do they want. Are they looking for a gastronomic encounter, is there a significant local attraction, it may be health and beauty or perhaps enjoying nature at its best. You may have predominantly foreign clients, who are looking for the traditional British experience or may be the majority of your clients are business people. While these aren’t mutually exclusive it does give a marketing direction, which should then be reflected in the interior design.

    Once there is a clear outline of the design direction for the hotel the chosen interior design partner can then develop the scheme. It is important that a hotel has an identity, this allows the client to both understand the offering and make their choice. A web site that shows a monochrome minimalist bedroom design is offering something very different to a four poster bed with embroidered silks and chandeliers. Both are aspirational experiences.

    At Design by Deborah Ltd, we believe in taking the design one step further. The interior design of the hotel that they have chosen should exceed their expectations. The clients should be delighted and surprised by the interior. The lifestyle that they aspire to, they can experience whilst on holiday staying at your hotel.

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    Main image credit: Jonathan Little Photography

    Hamish Kilburn / 09.07.2020


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