Stylish and Sustainable: High-end hotels get green

    Bouteco Sustainable Tourism Report
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    Social enterprise Bouteco has released their first ever global trends report ‘Stop, Think, Discuss’, offering an industry overview on sustainability for stylish hotels in the boutique-hotel sector.

    Key findings include:
    • 42% of respondents would pay more for a sustainable hotel but would not compromise on comfort or luxury.
    • 64% of respondents consider environmental and green issues the most important when choosing a sustainable hotel. The remaining 36% prioritise social and community issues.
    • 63% of respondents look for a dedicated or prominent section on a hotel website when considering the integrity of a hotel’s sustainability.
    • 46% of respondents consider an international certification to be important, and these tend to be the more mature traveller.

    It is the youngest and oldest travellers who care most about sustainability when choosing a hotel.

    Partnering with Insignia, the Bouteco Trends Report surveyed hotel lovers worldwide — gaining valuable insight into travel preferences and offering ideas to hoteliers on how best to engage with and inspire today’s travellers.

    Bouteco Sustainable Tourism Report

    Highlighting stories of sustainability, Bouteco is designed to assist travellers in finding the luxury and boutique hotels making a positive change to their communities and the wider world. Travel expert and founder Juliet Kinsman along with the former editor of Green Hotelier, Holly Tuppen, set up the social enterprise to celebrate those inspiring positive change.

    Bouteco Sustainable Tourism ReportSays Kinsman: “A sense of purpose and belonging — of spiritual reward, not just material wealth — are motivating consumers more and more. Bouteco wants to get the good guys noticed with our genuine, algorithm-free recommendations. Marketers have long been assiduous in applying insight when it comes to influencing what we buy; we hope our survey’s findings will spur all to proudly shout about sustainability stories and distinguish the stylish hotels with soul and substance.”

    Adds Tuppen: “This survey confirms that ethical consumption is not the reserve of millennials; when it comes to travel, all age groups are turning towards more responsible and authentic experiences. We hope that this report persuades the luxury hospitality sector that there’s never been a more prudent time to implement and promote sustainable and social initiatives. Not only for the sake of employee retention and community wellbeing, but to generate better press coverage, more direct bookings and enduring guest loyalty.”

    Daniel Fountain / 15.12.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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