SPAshell launches at Fishmore Hall, Shropshire

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    Designed by leading spa consultancy, SPA Creators (which has more than 20 years experience in creating exsquisite spa designs for hotels) make their first UK launch with Fishmore Hall, Shropshire, as they launch their innovative, designed pod-builds known as SPAshell.

    Launching into the luxury boutique hotel Fishmore Hall, Shropshire, in October 2016 Laura Penman, Owner of Fishmore Hall said: “The beauty of SPAshell is that it provides us all the elements required to create a successful spa: from design and site development stages, through to delivery and commissioning; all building works are completed off-site using the latest technology. There’s no need for traditional foundation-work to be done, the installation of SPAshell takes a matter of a few days, and there’s almost no disturbance to our existing business and our guests. For us, it’s an obvious next step in our development of Fishmore Hall.”

    Boutique hotels can now choose their pod builds: from ‘Mini SPAshellTM’ size, which offers four treatment rooms for guests, to the ‘Oyster SPAshellTM’ which offers eight treatment rooms for guests. Both come with thermal suites to boost guests’ relaxation experience with stylish and sophisticated Italian designed sauna and steam rooms and each SPAshellTM’ include a commercially-graded outdoor vitality pool, made from beautiful cedar wood materials with bucket shower and monsoon drench showers -ideal for cooling off.

    SPAShellInside the spa, British brand Elemis provide luxury spa treatments to guests. Each SPAshellTM installation is turnkey supplied; from fully trained, managed staff members, to a fully integrated training and client management solution, ensuring that spa guests receive the highest standards of spa and wellbeing treatments.

    The eco-conscious brand has chosen low maintenance Siberian Larch Wood to clad each spa pod; with a natural resistance to decay, it blends easily and sympathetically over time within the immediate environment whilst combining high standards of manufacturing technology to the core buildings. In Russia, the Siberian Larch tree is known as the ‘Tree of Eternity.’

    Founder and Manging Director of SPAshellTM’ Alistair Johnson says: “We’re incredibly proud and excited to be launching the UK’s first SPAshellTM Fishmore Hall this October; this represents five years of design and planning to reach this stage. The SPAshellTM build offers a brilliant solutions for any boutique hotel or corporate business looking to add spa and wellness packages to their business and provide an additional revenue stream.”

    SPAShellOnce installed, each SPAshellTM is commissioned and operational in less than ten days. The exterior landscape will be fully integrated with the SPAshellTM using both eco-conscious materials and methods, blending aesthetically in to the existing hotel site with ease.

    • SPAshellTM eco spa pods are especially well suited to sites whereby space, budget of planning for a full build may be a barrier.
    • SPAshellTM enable hotel owners and hotel operators with no prior spa experience or knowledge, to deliver a luxury spa experience for their hotel guests.
    • SPAshellTM is pre-designed to suit existing sites/locations, it’s delivered manufacture-ready to each business. Once installed, each SPAshellTM is commissioned and fully operational in less than ten days.
    • The design concept will also appeal to country house and landowners who are looking to diversify and increase their revenue (REV PAR -Revenue Per Room), increase their food and beverage sales and broaden their market appeal.
    • Each SPAshellTM is approved to the highest building standards required for any UK spa enterprise. It’s unique and sleek design engages positive client flow, SPAshellTM integrates the best possible operational spa business practices to offer an exceptional spa experience for guests.
    • We combine cutting-edge design with the highest quality fittings, SPAshellTM offers a unique spa experience for boutique hotel guests that is set to revolutionise the hotel and wellness markets.
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    Daniel Fountain / 18.04.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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