Skyline teams up with Limitless for disability awareness

    Disability access at Skyline Apartments
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    Limitless are in the process of revolutionising the concept of disability by correcting the misapprehension that ‘disabled access’ is a synonym for ‘wheelchair access’, thereby ensuring that businesses can better serve the needs of all disabled people.

    By failing to grasp the broad spectrum of meaning covered by the term, ‘disability’, a majority of businesses are forfeiting some £1.8 billion per month, as over 75% of disabled people avoid services which they feel do not meet their needs.

    With a loyalty rate of over 85% and a yearly spend of more than £3 billion on accommodation in the UK, this is a market that the hospitality industry cannot ignore. Skyline Apartments recognises this and has partnered with Limitless Travel in a move to satisfy a demographic that constitutes more than 10% of the population.

    Having assessed Skyline’s facilities and procedures, Limitless will consult with the senior management team to set out clear recommendations on how they can make low-cost improvements to the service they provide for disabled guests.

    Disability access at Skyline Apartments

    Angus Drummond, the CEO and founder of Limitless Travel, said “Through this partnership, Skyline apartments will distinguish themselves as an organisation committed to providing the very best in accessible accommodation.”

    Thiago Hahn, CEO at Skyline, agreed with this assessment and added, “Skyline is passionate about ensuring the best possible experience for all guests, regardless of their personal circumstances. Therefore, we are delighted to enter into this partnership with Limitless Travel, which will result in a more comprehensive and wider-ranging service for our guests with disabilities.”

    Limitless Travel will use their innovative and in-depth bespoke training methods to equip Skyline’s entire front of house team with the skills required to provide the best services possible for guests with disabilities. The result will be an organisation that is fully conversant with the requirements of all disabled people, an outcome which can only enhance Skyline’s international reputation as a progressive company.

    Daniel Fountain / 23.08.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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