Understanding guest behaviour: Quality time set to rule as solo travel trend takes off

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    Jurys Inn has concluded that one in three weekend visitors to Jurys Inn are solo travellers…

    Understanding the behaviour of guests is a fundemental in order to design a hotel equipped for the modern traveller. Therefore, it is signifanct that for the first time, solo travel has tipped the balance of hotel bookings with one in three weekend visitors to Jurys Inn being a single traveller.

    The desire to have ‘me’ time, see new places, and get away from everyday life are the top reasons Brits have been taking more solo trips for pleasure this year.

    The hotel group, which Scottish locations are in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Aberdeen, reported over half (54 per cent) of 18-24 year olds look for quality time alone on holiday, whilst those approaching retirement (55+) are eager to take a solo trip to visit new places (37 per cent).

    Hotel group Jurys Inn has seen a six per cent rise in solo travellers in the last 12 months, as the trend to pack a bag and go it alone has continued to grow.

    With 30 per cent of Brits believing nothing would stop them booking a solo trip by themselves, one in five are still being turned off the idea, because they assume solo travel is more expensive than holidaying within a couple or group.

    Women are twice as likely to be scared of travelling solo, however a quarter of the nation believe locals in Edinburgh (25 per cent) would give them the warmest welcome, followed by Scousers (19 per cent) and Geordies (15 per cent).

    Jurys Inn Head of Marketing, Suzanne Cannon, said: “Many hotels add a singles tax to rooms, but we’d never solo-shame our guests.

    “Exploring a new city or holiday destination can be eye-opening, and with 41 per cent of Brits wanting to visit news places, now’s the time to join the thousands booking a Jurys Inn stay alone.”

    Hamish Kilburn / 24.08.2018


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