Product Spotlight: Travertine from Viero

    Travertine - Viero
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    Viero are helping their readers to get a better understanding of their UK product range this year by taking an in-depth look at one of their specialist finishes in a newly launched ‘product of the month’ feature.

    To kick off the feature, we’re taking a look at Travetine and its specification in a Covent Garden restaurant.

    This decorative wall coating plaster can be used for interiors and exteriors and can achieve a wide range of shadow effects. Due to the natural composition of this product, the final colour will depend on the weather conditions and absorption of the plaster.

    Travertine - Viero

    Travertine is based on lime putty, natural colouring earths, marble sands and grains. These are additives which improve the characteristics of the product and its gripping properties, without altering the breathability of the finishing.

    For the best results, it should be applied to interior wall surfaces that are safe and sound with no humidity. And for external surfaces, it’s important to ensure they are well prepared, protected and without rising dampness.

    Travertine - Viero

    Travertine’s textured finish is central to its ability to create a rustic and traditional feel for any design project. Architect Alessio Nardi specified this finish for a design project at Mamie’s creperie and cider bar in the bustling Covent Garden, London.

    He said: “Mamie’s is a French restaurant specialising in galettes and crepes with both the food menu and the interiors attempting to bridge the link between Britain and Brittany.

    Travertine - Viero

    “Travertine was our surface finish of choice for the project as it’s reminiscent of Southern Europe coastal architecture facades and gives a nice texture to the wall, especially in the evening when the lights are on. I also especially liked the tactility of it, the roughness that reminds of natural elements like rocks and stones.”

    Viero UK loves the effects that can be achieved with Travertine and has identified restaurants as its perfect habitat. Its handmade and bespoke look and feel is great for creating an environment packed with character. The finish also looks great in a combined panel pattern next to a polished plaster finish, which could lend itself to a swimming pool environment.

    Feel inspired to use Travertine in your next hospitality project? Email to find out more…

    Daniel Fountain / 06.02.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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