Nile & York’s Small Prints range making inroads into hotel interiors

    Nilea & York's Small Prints
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    Nile & York was founded in the 1990s to produce classic, timeless patterns designed and coloured to work with single or multi-coloured fabrics.

    The first range was developed from a silk lining printed by Nile & York for world-renowned interior designer Jane Churchill. From the success of this lining, the Small Prints range was created by the owner, Simon Greenland, using five designs each printed in the same six colours. Nile & York’s Small Prints is now regarded as a classic and contains 63 fabrics, based on nine small designs covering a wide range of design styles.

    Although the Small Prints range was originally designed for the high-end interiors, designer and decorator market it has now entered the world of hotel interiors. From four poster beds to lampshades, from headboards to the lining for bedcovers in exclusive and boutique hotels, it has become a product to consider.

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    The Small Prints range has now been joined by the recently-launched Small Linen Prints range, based on a linen/cotton fabric woven in Scotland and printed in England. The range comprises 39 fabrics using five original designs created in house by Simon Greenland and is designed to coordinate with many interior moods and styles.

    This range can be seen in use for blinds and bedcovers, but was originally designed – and is used primarily – for curtains. Where appropriate, it is used as light upholstery returning a rub test of 20,000. Again, designed to fit with many interior styles, the range has great potential for use in smaller exclusive hotels whether modern or traditional.

    Nile and York has always been committed to supporting the British textile industry, and all of its ranges are, and have always been, produced in the UK.

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    Daniel Fountain / 24.02.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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