Natural designs, timeless quality and flexibility for modern guests are the top trends to follow in hotel design, reports The Independent Hotel Show 2018

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    Just as nit is in hotels itself, design plays an integral part in this year’s Independent Hotel Show. Ahead of the show, we have identified three design trends as highlighted by design partners, exhibitors and speakers at #IHS2018…

    As the Independent Hotel Show creeps nearer, we have identified three major themes that visitors should expect to see at this year’s event.

    Back to nature
    Over the years nature has played an important part in inspiring interior designers and as we move into the future, this will continue, particularly in the independent, boutique and luxury hotel sector where guests seek calm environments to relax in.

    “Any design with a connection to nature will be popular,” says Katja Behre, creative director of Elli Popp, design partner to The Innovation Stage which will feature a pink tropical leaves mural and floral displays from a designer at Kew Gardens.

    “People always feel comfortable with designs that connect them to nature – whether that’s plants, flowers, insects or animals,” adds Behre.

    Nina Tarnowski, of Woodchip & Magnolia, Wallpaper Partner to the Show says there is a growing trend towards murals and wallpapers which ‘evoke beautiful scenes.’

    The exhibitor’s Land of Milk & Honey collection of wall murals and wallpapers is inspired by English Victorian glass houses and is a fresh interpretation of the continuing trend in botanical prints.

    “The growing trend towards murals and papers which evoke beautiful scenes, evoke a narrative or transport you to a magical place, lends itself perfectly to hotel interiors,” she says. “After all – what are we after when we stay in a hotel? Escapism!”

    VIP hoteliers, speakers, partners at this year’s Show will be able to see the natural escapism look portrayed at The Suite where contract furniture manufacturers Valdivian promise to transport attendees to somewhere ‘between reality and imagination’ with deep purple and green walls accented with floral murals.

    Timeless quality
    While the pressure may be on to champion the latest interior design trends, conversely, it is the hoteliers who shun the hottest design trends and opt for classic, well-made furnishings who are truly the trend-setters.

    “Invest in quality. Guests may not see it, but they will feel it,” says Rebecca at Cappellini, design partner to central networking space The Lobby at the Independent Hotel Show.

    “I always try and create timeless designs, which from time to time happen to be in trend,” says Katja Behre of Elli Popp. “Most of our best-selling designs are between one to six years old and still don’t seem to fade out.”

    For inspiration, look to companies such as flooring specialist Tarkett – exhibiting at this year’s Independent Hotel Show – with its Desso Carpet Collections. Its Axminster, Desso&Ex and made-to-measure rug collections are perfect for independent hoteliers and designers looking for quality, durability and design.

    “The future of hotel interior design will continue to have the luxe factor with opulent fabrics taking centre stage,” says Nick Sunderland of Two’s Company Interior Design, the interior design company responsible for putting together exciting new live installation ‘The Hotel Room of The Future’ at this year’s Show.

    “Customers are wanting to experience 6* comfort. Hoteliers tell us that it’s all about the detail for their guests, be it stunning sofas and chairs, beautiful curtains, baby soft towels or sumptuous linen, all these aspects have to be considered.”

    The rise of leisure travel, mobile working and more flexible working patterns means that guests will be using hotels in more diverse ways in the future.

    Daniel Corney, director at Compact Workspace, an exhibitor at the Independent Hotel Show 2018, says to improve the design of their property a ‘hotelier needs to consider different guests’ wants and needs’ so advocates the selection of flexible furniture so that space can easily be adapted for use at any event – from a conference to a wedding.

    For hotels without conference and event space, the same notion of flexibility applies.

    “This year we think the mobile working trend will have a big influence on hotel design,” he says. “Business travellers need appropriate places to work. So, rather than letting guests working off their lap or a coffee table in the hotel lobby, hotels should provide furniture that is both practical and comfortable to work from.”

    The same flexible approach can also be applied to interior design, says Woodchip & Magnolia’s Nina Tarnowski who sees a big movement towards utilizing the fourth wall – the ceiling.

    “It’s been popular for several years in interior decorating, but mostly confined to the use of paint. We’re being asked to create wall murals and papers specifically for high impact statement ceilings from interior designers, and it’s an exciting trend,” she says.

    Hotel Designs is a media partner for the Independent Hotel Show 2018. To meet the Hotel Designs teams at the show please visit stand 628. Editor Hamish Kilburn will be hosting a panel discussion entitled ‘Power Hour: Designs For Life’ at the show, for more details please click here.

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