London’s smallest hotel – one-room Napoleon Hotel

    Napoleon Hotel Shoreditch
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    A hotel which can claim to be London’s ‘smallest’ has opened in Shoreditch – it contains just one room available to book.

    The Napoleon Hotel’s single offering is a luxury 430sqft suite complete with three bars, and will cost guests £180 per night. The two new bars, the Sack and The Devil’s Darling, were designed by bottled cocktail makers Thomas Aske and Tristan Stephenson. At basement level is a whisky den, the ground floor is a sherry bar and on the first floor is a cocktail bar.

    The room is equipped with a service elevator, which provides room-service food and drink from any of one of these bars. For breakfast, food is delivered to the room by the same elevator.

    The suite sits on the second floor of the hotel and is equipped with a drinks trolley with bottled cocktails from the Aske Stephenson range. Speaking to the media, Aske said: “The space we had available for the hotel room could have housed two smaller rooms, but the decision was made to offer a more luxurious experience through one spacious suite.

    “We feel that by having only one suite, the focus is on the guest experience and hospitality allowing us to tailor their stay and ensure that they have the staff’s dedicated attention.

    “As Fluid Movement are bar operators we wanted to ensure we stayed true to this by offering three unique bar concepts within the hotel, creating an uncommon ratio of bars to rooms. Our guests can experience an entire evening of world class drinks without leaving the hotel.”

    Daniel Fountain / 09.05.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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