Italian Space Hotels welcomes the Mascagni Luxury Dependance

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    It is both an apartment and a hotel housed in a magnificent Renaissance Revival building in the heart of Rome.

    It is both a one-of-a-kind accommodation and a place to feel at home. The Mascagni Luxury Dépendance, which opened in July 2016, offers all this and more. Being ever attentive to trends in the hospitality sector, the Space Hotels group has just added this Roman hotel to its portfolio, as it is a shining example of how an establishment can re-invent and evolve itself to keep up with the needs of its clientele.

    The Mascagni Luxury Dépendance, which is an annex located just twenty metres from the Hotel Mascagni in a prestigious 19th-century Renaissance Revival building with mosaic floors, opens up a new frontier in the capital city’s hospitality. Its twelve suites and rooms are located on the building’s fourth and fifth floors, offering guests who choose to stay in this “Roman home” both an exceptional view of the city’s rooftops and the convenience of hotel room.

    The annex was created by the Hotel Mascagni based on its many years of experience and opened in July 2016 to offer a more intimate and innovative concept of hospitality, that of independent accommodation. The group of rooms was skilfully designed by an architect who blended the comfort of a hotel with a feeling of familiarity and home. The décor in all the suites and rooms was inspired by the modern, elegant Rationalist style of the early 1940s and updated with pastel-coloured walls and matching fabrics that contrast with the dark parquet floors and luxury furnishings. The use of precious Carrara marble in the ensuite bathrooms and hallways makes this annex into a luxury home.

    What is the advantage of having hotel rooms in a residential building? The answer is an easy one. The advantage is staying in a peaceful and private room that is completely independent and still offers all the comfort and attention of being a guest in a hotel. As well as having access to a 24-hour reception desk with check-in and check-out service, choosing between a buffet or room-service breakfast and being only 20 metres away from a charming bar.

    All the guestrooms are designed to be lived in like apartments, so they offer ample space and an area to store luggage. Moreover, each room has a kettle for making tea and a Nespresso machine for making Italian coffee at any time of the day. And last but not least, the expected and appreciated modern technology of USB wall sockets for charging mobiles and tablets. Both the inward and outward facing rooms offer wonderful views of Rome’s famous cityscape, from Via XX Settembre to the famous Piazza Esedra.

    Daniel Fountain / 27.01.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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