Introducing Swiss Chandolin Boutique Hotel – now open

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    Amid the pines and larch trees of the Valaisian valley, the 25-room Chandolin Boutique Hotel is a holistic expression of archetypal Alpine luxury shot through with an environmentally conscious spirit.

    Designed by local architecture firm Kittel SA and housed in a typically Swiss grand chalet, the hotel’s architectural identity reflects the natural splendour of its surroundings, with a façade of linseed-oil-treated wooden slats, balustrades of larch wood and cedar, and opus incertum stonework.

    Chandolin Boutique Hotel
    Sustainable technology such as thermal solar panels, dual-flow ventilation, and triple-glazing windows have been integrated into the building’s design, demonstrating that the hotel’s reverence of its locale goes beyond the aesthetic.

    Chandolin Boutique HotelInside, alternating natural stone floors and aged oak parquet flooring set the tone for an understated interior design that is also inspired by the hotel’s natural setting. Walls are embellished with monochromatic works of mountain sports photography, while furnishings range in texture from raw fabrics to natural leathers.

    Earthy colour palettes in communal areas—with warmer beiges in rooms and suites—are complemented by fir wood detailing and unpolished stonework. Large windows ensure the Alpine-chic spaces are flooded with natural light in the day, while providing the perfect perch from which to take in the starry skies at night.

    Daniel Fountain / 21.07.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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