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  • How fitness brand Klink is taking on the hospitality industry

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    How fitness brand Klink is taking on the hospitality industry

    With fitness, wellness and wellbeing all high up on the agenda for modern travellers, a major challenge for interior designers and brands is working out how to cater to these demands while also utilising space. Cue the arrival of Klink, a new modular fitness solution designed for the future hospitality arena. Editor Hamish Kilburn meets Nikita McCoy, the brand’s Founder, to find out more…

    Image of klink weights on table

    If ever there was time for people from outside the conventional parameters of the industry to emerge with new, revolutionary ideas and concepts, it is now. Post-pandemic, the industry has re-opened with a new perspective, in search for purposeful solutions to ensure brands remain at the front of the curve of new trends and behaviours around how people travel and use hotel space.

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    Although, we are learning (and narrating) as we go, we do know that guests checking in to hotels have spent more than 18 months locked in to the confides of their own homes – working, living and exercising within their own space – which has no doubt changed guests’ behaviour on a generic level.

    So, with change whistling through the crisp Autumn, I met up with with Nikita McCoy, an NHS nurse who had the revolutionary idea to launch Klink, a new brand that is setting a new standard across the fitness scene by offering something entirely different for the premium hospitality industry.

    “I felt there was a need for more compact, stylish equipment.” – Nikita McCoy, Founder, Klink.

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    Image credit: Klink

    Hamish Kilburn: So, Nikita, tell us more about how Klink was born…

    Nikita McCoy: Klink was born over the first lockdown; right at the beginning on the Covid-19 Pandemic. While hiring equipment from our local gym, I felt there was a need for more compact, stylish equipment. I wanted to have something simple to use, good quality while also practical. Being an engineer, my husband soon started to work on this after I brought the idea to his attention. His [engineering] flare enabled us to bring this hazy vision to life very quickly. Working on our design was a positive distraction to the reality of Covid-19 during lockdown, especially as I was working as a nurse at this time.

    HK: Are the days of small, compact hotel gyms (that are constantly congested) over for the bleisure (business/leisure) traveller?

    NM: Gyms will always have their place, as they are a positive space to be in. For us, it is about aiding an effective workout with high quality equipment in an environment that is suitable for the user. I believe that Klink would be a great addition for any premium wellness space, especially in a hotel suite or guestroom where a people can have easy access to their own equipment to use within their own time. In-room equipment is something more hoteliers are investing in. Exercise equipment should be as much of an essential as a mini bar!

    HK: Tell us more about the technology behind Klink – how do the mechanisms work?

    NM: Klink is patent pending and our modular system sets us apart from the rest. We have unique locking technology that isn’t only effective but also easy to use. The simplicity of our mechanisms is in keeping with our brand. Twist it, click it, lift it!

    “All our components are manufactured and sourced from UK businesses, and this is something we are extremely proud of.” – Nikita McCoy, Founder, Klink.

    HK: Why was it so important for the brand to keep all aspects of design and manufacturing local?

    NM: After recently starting our own engineering business in 2018, we fully understand the importance of local manufacturing. All our components are manufactured and sourced from UK businesses, and this is something we are extremely proud of. It’s more important now than ever to support and grow our own economy. I also like building working relationships with other UK-based manufacturers and suppliers and seeing what we can do together to achieve business goals.

    HK: In your opinion, what is driving the demand for wellness and wellbeing in the luxury hotel market?

    NM: The pandemic has changed so many aspects of our world. Health is very much at the forefront physically and mentally. Individuals seek out exercise more so now than ever. The hotel environment is a great way to relax, recharge and wind down but that doesn’t mean exercise has no place. Hoteliers are engaging in this shift change and aiming to provide their guests with in-room personal workout spaces. A lot of individuals enjoy exercise as a way to start and boost their day. This should not be compromised and accessed easily. No hotel would want bulky fitness equipment cluttering rooms. Therefore, it’s essential that it flows with the theme of the space – the design of the products need to be sleek and functional. Klink ticks all these boxes.

    “We are proud to have the only marine-grade quick-release, adjustable equipment on the market at this time.” – Nikita McCoy, Founder, Klink.

    HK: Why are Klink products ideal for both the luxury hotel market and the marine industry?

    NM: Klink products have their place in many different settings. Ideal for the home where space is a premium and the customer would like a large variation of weights without a rack of dumbbells. In the luxury hotel market we can provide what we enjoy the most and bespoke our equipment to brand and utilise our custom storage solutions. Klink is functional and aesthetically pleasing and can fit into any luxury interior design theme.

    Regarding the marine industry, we can bespoke manufacture all of our Klink range in 316 stainless steel also known as marine grade steel. In doing so, we offer extra corrosion protection against the elements. We are proud to have the only marine-grade quick-release, adjustable equipment on the market at this time. We are a perfect fitness addition to the yacht world. Add some of quirky colourful storage cases to secure your equipment and you have an ideal space saving solution.

    HK: What’s next for Klink?

    NM: As a new company, we are focusing on brand awareness and guiding our product into the areas it belongs. We have some exciting collaborations to come and look forward to showcasing how versatile and fantastic our product is. There’s much more of Klink to come in the days ahead, so watch this space!

    Klink is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

    Main image credit: Klink

    Hamish Kilburn / 29.09.2021


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