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    Klink has set a new standard across the fitness industry where innovation meets design. As a result, the brand’s luxury dumbbell and barbell range provide a modern and compact solution to any luxury wellness area where space is at a premium.

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    The equipment is not only functional and easy to use but a fashionable addition to any home or professional gym. They require minimal storage space; they are simple to assemble and easily interchangeable with our Fitlok technology. If desired add your logo to each weight plate, and you have something truly bespoke for your gym or wellness space.

    Manufactured in Northern Ireland, using premium UK sourced materials and state of the art machining, the team provide the utmost quality every time. Klink dumbbells are crafted from stainless steel to provide durability with no worry of rust.

    The brand has been excited to launch this premium brand over the pandemic. Using the team’s knowledge and skills from our engineering company in Northern Ireland, Klink has confidently has brought something new and exciting to the fitness market. Given its unique modular system Klink is no doubt a cool brand that will bring the simple old-fashioned dumbbell to life. Come join the new dumbbell revolution.

    At this time, the brand has three products in the Klink range. These are:

    • Fitlok 2-8
    • Fitlok 8-20
    • Fitlok Barbell (recently launched)

    Fitlok 2-8

    • X2 2Kg Fixed Weight Dumbbells
    • X4 1Kg Weight Modules
    • X4 2kg Weight Modules This kit allows for sets of 2,4,6 & 8kg dumbbells or alternatively you can load one dumbbell up to 14kg for those single weight exercises

    Fitlok 8-20

    • X2 8Kg Fixed Weight Dumbbells
    • X4 2Kg Weight Modules
    • X4 4kg Weight Modules

    This kit allows for sets of eight, 12, 16 and 20kg dumbbells or alternatively you can load one dumbbell up to 32kg for those single weight exercises.

    Fitlok Barbell

    Also benefiting from our patent-pending Fitlok system, the Klink barbells provide the optimal space-saving solution, allowing you to adjust the weight quickly and easily so you can manage your exercise routine efficiently. All of the weight modules are interchangeable between the dumbbells and barbells which make the complete range ideal for compact spaces.

    Image credit: Klink

    In addition to tailoring our equipment to any specific requirements, Klink also offers bespoke logo designs and custom storage solutions. So, if you prefer to have something a little different with a personalised set, Klink has it covered.

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