Five-star luxury at the touch of a button for Park Hyatt Vienna guests

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    With comfort and luxury at every turn, Geberit AquaClean 8000plus shower toilets were the natural choice for the five-star Park Hyatt Vienna Hotel.

    Park Hyatt Vienna - GeberitSituated in the heart of Vienna’s old town, the hotel has been converted from a 100-year-old bank building. Geberit AquaClean shower toilets were chosen for the guest bathrooms to help designers achieve a contemporary finish in a building steeped in history.

    When furnishing the 143 spacious hotel rooms, the interior designers combined timeless, elegant design with local Viennese flair. The market-leading Geberit AquaClean shower toilets are a feature of the 108 luxurious and spacious hotel rooms, plus 35 suites, offering guests the opportunity to indulge in spa-like comfort throughout their stay.

    The Geberit AquaClean 8000plus combines the functions of a toilet and a bidet in one compact unit. At the touch of a button the shower toilet washes the user clean with a gentle, airy water spray at body temperature. The intensity of the water can be adjusted to one of five levels, while the oscillating spray provides a particularly beneficial clean.

    The Geberit AquaClean 8000plus also offers many pampering functions in addition to the shower function, including an adjustable spray temperature and intensity, a pulsating massage function has an invigorating effect, an integrated warm-air dryer and an automatic odour extraction function, which fills the room with fresh, clean air.

    “Shower toilets are a standard feature at the Park Hyatt Vienna because they offer unparalleled comfort and are also expected by international guests,” explains Dietmar Ploberger, Project Manager at Signa Development, the company responsible for the conversion.

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    Daniel Fountain / 09.03.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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