Dubai’s Rosemont Hotel to feature artificial rainforest

    Rosemont Hotel - Artificial Rainforest
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    Dubai is known for its outlandish and ambitious projects.

    And now, the upcoming Rosemont Hotel & Residences will feature the Middle East’s first rainforest. Designed by ZAS Architects, the hotel will house 450 rooms and 280 suites, offering amenities only Dubai could offer including a man-made beach, aquarium, infinity pool and trampoline park.

    Rosemont Hotel - Artificial Rainforest

    “When you’re being dropped off at the hotel, you’ll have 4D animations on the ceilings which change theme every week or every night,” ZAS Dubai managing partner DJ Armin told the Huffington Post. “Then you go into the lobbies, and you’ll be greeted by a robotic host.”

    As if a fake rainforest wasn’t enough, guests will be seen to by robotic hosts. “Of course, there will be a human host as well,” Armin added, but the march of hospitality technology appears not to be abating.

    Rosemont Hotel - Artificial Rainforest

    The hotel’s rainforest will be open air and will be open to hotel guests as well as outside visitors. “You’ll have dense trees, canopies, some sun coming through, and during the summertime we will use the recycled condensation from the towers to have the mist coming down from the trees to cool down the air,” Armin said.

    The Rosemont is already under construction and scheduled to be finished by the end of 2018.

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    Daniel Fountain / 22.08.2016

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