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    LED wallpaper - black and white patterns
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    New LED wallpaper from Meystyle is lighting up the walls, quite literally…

    The latest collection of LED wallpaper Conductivity combines dazzling natural textures with an unprecedented use of light patterns.

    Wallpaper specialist Meystyle is about to launch the Conductivity collection with the mission to rescue walls from the background. The company has done this by integrating bold patterns with LED lights and crystals to create deep visual experiences that totally transform walls and wallpaper into works of art.

    “The Conductivity collection is a celebration of the ubiquitous yet mysterious power of electricity,” explained the company in a recent press release. “The designs dig into the infinitesimal world of the atom and its scientific representation as a source of visual inspiration.”

    Simple geometric elements like the line and the circle are used to give sense and order to the impenetrable complexity of chemical and physical phenomena.

    The Conductivity collection echoes its fascination with nature also in its choice of materials

    The LED injection is inspired by the exchange of subatomic particles generating the prodigy of light itself. Different wavelengths and levels of light intensity combine into dynamic compositions suggested by the way electrons interact. From cascading lines merging into sumptuous light waterfalls, to concentric circles representing the varying configurations of the atom, each design expresses the beauty of the natural world in its most essential form.

    The Conductivity collection echoes its fascination with nature also in its choice of materials, ranging from refined linens and cotton canvases to elegant silks. A variety of metal accents, notably electricity’s best companions enrich the natural properties of each texture with hand-painted details and gilded applications.

    The anticipated collection will be launched at this year’s Decorex on September 16 – 19 at Syon Park, London.

    Hamish Kilburn / 09.08.2018


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