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    About Jalu Ltd
    New business Jalu Ltd has recently launched its first two collections of striking contemporary floor lamps – bringing a bold and original concept to the outdoor lighting market.

    Inspired by outdoor living design from overseas, Alison Cavey and Juliet Kauffmann formed the company in 2016 to create a range of innovative and high quality products for the UK. The last 12 months have been spent “exploring a wide range of novel materials, production methods and designs in order to bring something fresh to the hospitality marketplace”, says Juliet.

    Current options for outdoor lighting are generally quite limited and are either: functional and minimalistic (e.g. lighting for pathways, drives, and key features); or decorative (e.g. floor lamps or hanging lampshades/chandeliers).

    Options to deliver ambient lighting at the same time as providing a sophisticated design feature in its own right, taking pride of place within your design scheme, whilst being truly robust and weatherproof, are limited.

    Holix lamp - Jalu

    The Jalu team took a long hard look at what overseas designers were doing, but came to the conclusion that there remains scope for a range of contemporary outdoor lighting to reflect the needs and aspirations of the UK market. Hence the company has developed its first two collections to provide a combination of attractive aesthetics with durability and functionality to address the vagaries of UK weather. These first collections demonstrate the versatility of product design that can be achieved, with more concepts in the pipeline.

    Jalu’s original floor lamp designs provide both an object of beauty during the day and ambient light in the evening, creating an enticing atmosphere through a combination of light, shape and texture. They make a contemporary statement in any setting: foyers, garden rooms, patios, courtyards, terraces, gardens and pool sides.

    Jalu Products
    Jalu has worked closely with its suppliers to optimise the design and finish quality of its products. Each lamp is hand cast to order in the UK from a novel and versatile material that is lighter than stone, but highly durable. Each lamp is made to the same exacting standards, yet has its own distinct character.

    The material lends itself to a wide range of colours and finishes, producing inherently beautiful and tactile lamps and provides the opportunity to create pieces that are truly unique. As a result, Jalu is looking forward to working closely with designers and clients to develop bespoke lamps that fit precisely within an individual scheme or layout.

    Holix lamp - Jalu

    Holix lamp – Jalu

    Jalu floor lamps are available in a palette of complementary or contrasting colours and finishes, allowing clients to select the best match for a particular setting. They can be positioned to optimise visual impact as standalone features, or as multiple elements integrated within a design scheme. As freestanding units, they may be moved inside or out, to ring the changes. Supplied with integrated LED luminaires, they are also energy efficient.

    The Furtho Collection
    The Furtho combines simplicity of design with elegant functionality – delivering artistry to living spaces. This eye-catching floor lamp provides a striking sculptural focal point, with the inherent ability – thanks to its distinctive ‘twist’ – to present different profiles. It looks equally dramatic in both natural light and when illuminated at night.

    Each Furtho lamp stands 90cm tall, and is currently available in four stand colours (pictured in Serene Blue).

    The Holix Collection
    The Holix is flexible and fun, putting the client in control. Its modular design, comprising multiple hexagonal elements, means it can be arranged or ‘stacked’ in a variety of configurations: with different heights (36-92cm), colour combinations (complementary or contrasting) and light patterns (regular or random).

    The Holix has strong, clean lines and beautiful symmetry, and looks great when placed in clusters of different heights as a ‘family’.


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