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    Check-in desk at Hotel Indigo York
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    As technology continues to evolve hotel design, Hotel Designs go behind the lens to investigate how tech is helping hotels also evolve their visual marketing…

    Surprises, when it comes to the overall hotel look, feel and experience, are not often well received among modern travellers when checking in to a design hotel. A hotel, thats photographs online do not reflect the reality, are setting their guests – and their business for that matter – up for a loss. Instead, modern guests strive for a seamless experience led by the clever design of the building and its interiors. Reflect this in the marketing, and you are on to a winner, will allow your guests to check in to a familiar home.

    Cue the launch of ACT Studios, a photography specialist based in the UK that provides hotels with innovative, interactive photography that allows the user to ‘step in’ to the photo to view the hotel from the perspective of a guest checking in.

    The ‘Step In’ offering is a clever blend of beautifully taken photography and digital walk-through technology. It’s a simple, powerful enhancement to any existing hospitality focused business website. In delivering ‘Step In’ photography, the company blends professionally taken and edited photography with innovative Matterport walk-throughs, which allows hospitality properties to entice visitors visually in the design of the property. It then allows users to smoothly step directly into every property image scene in your gallery to explore each detail, delight and deeply engage. We will bring all rooms and facilities to life beautifully and elegantly.

    Act Studio will support Hotel Designs on its hotel reviews in the future. “Considering how visual our industry is, we are delighted to work with the forward-thinking tech experts at Act Studio in order to bring our readers an interactive experience when reading out in-depth hotel reviews,” said editor of Hotel Designs Hamish Kilburn. “Technology, especially in photography, is evolving at such a rapid pace and it’s important for us as well as hotels to react to the trends.”

    The company, which started operating in the luxury holiday property market, is already working with leading hotel brands such as IHG Hotel Indigo, Goodwood Hotel and Classic British Hotels as well as other brands.

    Act Studio, now looking to expand its portfolios of hotels it works with, has local photographers covering England and Wales and prides itself on reacting latest tech trends in order to reflect the best possible results.

    Image credit: Hotel Indigo York/ACT Studios

    Katy Phillips / 11.09.2018



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