Episode 10: Embracing Change (Marie Soliman)

As the industry regains momentum following uncertain times, DESIGN POD’s Hamish Kilburn and Harriet Forde meet Marie Soliman, Founder of Bergman Design House to discuss embracing change in hotel design and business…

DESIGN POD Marie Soliman

Following her departure of one of the world’s most well-known hospitality design firms, Marie Soliman with her husband embraced change when they launched Bergman Design House in 2016 with the aim to disrupt the market with meaningful and impactful luxury design.

Today, half a decade on and with more than 25 years’ combined experience, Marie and Albin have built up an enviable portfolio of projects, spanning from London to St. Petersburg, to Qatar to New York (and have scooped up a few awards along the way. The studio is boldly taking the hotel, residential and luxury yacht industries into new eras by using design as a tool to enhance evolution. To explore more, DESIGNPOD sits down with the interior designer as she hits the halfway mark on a new ‘revolutionary’ hotel design project, The Other House, which will make its highly anticipated arrival on the hotel design scene in 2022 with its debut hotel in South Kensington.

Marie’s passion and talent is unquestionable, as is her insatiable enthusiasm for design… Listen to the full episode below: