Checking in to YOTEL Geneva Lake

Deputy Editor Megan Christopher was invited to stay at YOTEL Geneva Lake, a new destination property, where modern Swiss style blends with functional comfort, all complemented by breath-taking views…

yotel geneva lake

Yotel Geneva Lake, a newcomer to the lakeside scene, promises a hotel that echo’s Geneva’s modern spirit while offering a respite from the day’s adventures. Stepping through the glass doors, I was greeted by a lobby bathed in soft light, a clever interplay between the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the glistening lake. The colour palette is a study in cool greys and blues, accented by pops of sunshine yellow in the plush armchairs – a subtle nod to the surrounding natural beauty without appearing overly themed.

The efficient check-in via the Yotel app, a signature of the brand, set the tone for a stay that balanced technology with human interaction. My ‘cabin’, as Yotel terms their rooms, was a marvel of space optimisation. The now-iconic SmartBed, another Yotel innovation, was a key feature of the room, transforming from a comfy couch by day to a wonderfully comfortable sleeping haven at night. The flow of the room works well without overwhelming the compact space, with the team at Yotel proudly describing the space as “small but extremely functional” and explaining that Yotel offers more room keys per square foot than most hotels.

yotel geneva lake

Image credit: Yotel

Yotel Geneva Lake isn’t for those seeking sprawling luxury suites, but for design-conscious travellers who value smart functionality and a touch of Alpine tranquillity. The thoughtful fusion of technology and aesthetics creates a haven that invites guests to relax, recharge and fully embrace the offering that Yotel has created. With multiple social and work areas on offer, travellers are never short of somewhere to pull up a chair and open a laptop. The floor-to-cieling windows are a key design feature, offering an abundance of natural light that further enhances the sense of space within the hotel, while the use of glass throughout the property creates a sense of transparency and openness. This seamless connection between interior design and the surrounding landscape is a hallmark of Yotel Geneva Lake’s success.

The real design gem, however, lay in the public areas, HVGGE, the hotel’s central social hub, was a revelation. Danish-inspired principles of ‘hygge’ – meaning cosy comfort – were masterfully translated. Warm wood tones contrasted beautifully with plush, textured fabrics in calming shades of taupe and cream. The space seamlessly transitions from an inviting café by day to a relaxed bar by night, the clever use of lighting, movable furniture and curtains creating distinct ambiances and pockets of space. Large windows offer breath-taking lake views, further blurring the lines between indoors and the stunning natural backdrop.

yotel geneva lake

Image credit: Yotel

Yotel Geneva Lake marks a significant milestone for the Yotel brand, not just for its innovative design but also for its exciting partnership with Caviar House Airport Premium-Switzerland. This collaboration brings HVGGE Place. a one-of-a-kind Nordic-inspired dining and event hub, to life.

“You know, we don’t try to localise the rooms,”  commented Hubert Viriot, CEO of Yotel. “Usually we localise the food and beverage. We’re happy to work with local partners to create an experience which is in tune with what the customers want and the local area.”

Alongside the restaurant, HVGGE offers a seafood bar, banqueting & conference centre, auditorium and rooftop, all dedicated spaces to be used for business meetings, private dinners, events spaces and more. The possibilities are endless.

“HVGGE Place is Switzerland’s first gastronomy destination inspired by the Danish concept of hygge, providing mouth-watering dining experiences in a cosy atmosphere and at an affordable price – ideal for hotel guests and locals alike,” added Peter G. Rebeiz, Chairman & CEO, Caviar House Airport Premium – Switzerland. “HVGGE Place also offers extensive meeting spaces, perfect for supporting global business meetings, and organising sophisticated events. It’s the ideal place to be whether it’s to eat, meet, work, or play”.

hvgge restaurant geneva

Image credit: HVGGE

As for the future of Yotel, 2024 is set to be a big year with the brand opening their first hotel in Tokyo, and another in Bangkok, Thailand shortly after that. “We’re seeing a lot of growth in Asia, with hotels being in Malaysia, in Thailand and Japan over the next eight months. Asia is very exciting, and we look forward to having little cousins of our hotels in Singapore everywhere.” continued Viriot. “In the Asia and the Middle East, Yotel has focussed mostly on new builds, but has been known to convert office buildings, working habits have completely changed, so the vacancy rate of office buildings around the world has gone up, and we are realising today isn’t coming down, so there’s all these existing stock out there and it creates a completely new opportunity for us as a hotel development company”.

In essence, Yotel Geneva Lake offers a masterclass in maximising space and light, while prioritising guest comfort and connection to the natural world. It’s a refreshing take on modern hospitality, whether you seek a cosy retreat after exploring Geneva’s delights, a productive workspace with a view, or a vibrant social hub to connect with friends and colleagues.

Main image credit: HVGGE