Product watch: TREND Etherium by E-stone

TREND Etherium by E-stone adds a light touch to the dining experience…

TREND ricebowl Hotel Designs

TREND’s range of engineered stone overlay surfaces have always been a natural ‘go-to’ solution for restaurants and bars looking to upgrade their customer experience. With a wide range of colours and finishes, it adds an extra touch of luxury that’s not only quick and easy to install, but reassuringly affordable.

These low-maintenance, hard-wearing solid surfaces are not only built to keep their looks for years but also stand up to everyday wear and tear without a scratch, stain or heat-mark in sight. Completely non-porous and easy to clean, they also benefit from having MicrobanÒ anti-microbial protection built-in for life, making them ideal for commercial kitchens as well as customer serving areas.

When premier Asian restaurant ‘Ricebowl’ in Chico, California were looking to give their front-of-house a more contemporary feel, it was no surprise they decided to go with TREND for their feature dining bar. With its big sweeping curve, the bar creates a main focal point for the restaurant that draws attention and needs to stand up to close inspection.

Wanting to create a dynamic statement, the owners chose 453 Dark Blue etheriumÒ By E-Stone for the counter-top. With its deep colour and rich tones, it set the mood they wanted perfectly, but they decided to take it a step further and make a real statement by shaving the material underneath. This allowed the whole counter to be back-lit, creating a subtly illuminated feature that literally emits a welcoming glow.

Another benefit of the material is that it was able to be thermoformed to follow the curve of the bar without grooves or interruption.

To contrast, Liberty Ochre mosaic tiles were chosen for the enormous back wall and front of the dining bar. Reflecting the light with subtle tones of yellows, golds and browns, the tiles add an extra dimension to the whole dining experience.

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Main image credit: TREND Group