TREND mosaics inspired by nature

TREND Artistic mosaics take inspiration from nature and translates it into complete patterns created in vibrant coloured glass…

Carillon blue floral mosaidc with bird design by TREND Group

Whilst biophilic design might be making headlines, featuring nature in design is nothing new. From the earliest days of industrialised production, images of flora and fauna were regularly incorporated into walls and fabrics as decorative elements. From the floral silk panels of the Orient to William Morris wallpapers, all manner of birds and flowers have graced the walls of homes and buildings all over the world for centuries – they may go in and out of fashion periodically but they never really go far away.

TREND Artistic mosaics is a collection that brings nature, in all its colourful glory, into the home and onto the wall, floor or any surface that can provide a canvas for its creative and joyful patterns made up from the vibrant palette of coloured glass. By using classical Italian ‘hand-cut’ pieces, they are able to create curves and shapes that reflect natural elements such as grasses and flowers and give them a new artistic expression.

Enriched with enamels and aventurine stone, the mosaics can be used to represent images of incredible complexity or stunning simplicity as single motifs or repeat wallpaper patterns that literally bring designs to life. Ideal for use internally or externally on walls or floors, they are resistant to thermal shock, not affected by sunlight and the colours do not fade over time. They are also suitable for use in wet environments such as swimming pools and showers.

gold and white mosaic palm leaves from TREND Group

Image credit: TREND Group

Nature is all about soft edges and curves, patterns, colour and shape. There are no straight lines or right angles to interrupt the eye, everything flows and blends smoothly together to create a bigger picture. Interpreting this into modern expressions opens exciting new design solutions and endless possibilities. TREND Artistic mosaics offer a wealth of opportunities to create new artistic expressions of the natural world that not only provide visual stimulation, but make us feel good too.

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Main image credit: TREND Group