Naomi Heaton on disrupting the hospitality market

Naomi Heaton, CEO and Founder of The Other House, joined the Hotel Hypnos podcast to discuss what it takes to become a ‘real disrupter’ on the hotel hospitality scene…

Naomi Heaton, CEO, The Other House

When The Other House South Kensington opened in 2022, designed by Bergman Design House with architecture by Falcon Chester Hall, the hospitality industry applauded Naomi Heaton’s vision to combine the service of hotels, the experience of private members’ clubs and the feeling of home under one roof. Not only did Heaton and her entourage cause welcomed disruption to the already thriving London hotel scene, The Other House arrived with unapologetic style – think clashing, maximalist patterns throughout paired with calming rooms, or Club Flats as the brand calls them.

“We are called a Residents’ Club,  because we want to combine the best of hotels with the best of residential living and the best of a club environment,” Heaton said on the Hotel Hypnos podcast recently. “People want experiences, they want to feel relaxed, they want to get the most out of where they’re staying and we see that as the future of travel.”

The unique experience offered to residents by a ‘real disruptor’ in the hospitality marketplace forms the focus of the latest in a series of highly informative interviews with hospitality experts, brought to life by bed and mattress leaders, Hypnos Contract Beds, which the design team specified in the brand’s first property to maximise guest comfort and sleep performance. Heaton added: “Working together with Hypnos has helped us achieve that feeling of comfort at home, they are a key partner for us and have provided 295 beautiful Lansdowne Cashmere beds for our Club Flats.”

The Other House South Kensington apartment in blue and green interior design - bedroom and suite

Image credit: The Other House

In addition to the hotel sheltering some serious style, it is also consciously, environmentally and socially aware. “Sustainability is a key motivator in everything we do,” Heaton explained on the podcast. “We are committed to making a positive environmental impact, which includes vetting our suppliers practices, carrying out lifecycle assessments to inform selection and actively minimising our carbon footprint and emissions.  Thanks to Hypnos’ sustainability and ethical ethos, working with them has helped us to realise our goal of being a more socially responsible business.”

Hypnos Contract Beds offers true comfort with integrity, providing versatile and sustainable solutions for hospitality properties to help maximise occupancy and profits, while offering a hassle-free service solution, including in-room installation and old bed disposal and recycling.

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Main image credit: The Other House