Forbes Group and Forbes Industries in the US join forces

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    Forbes Group Limited has linked up with Forbes Industries in the United States, enabling it to bring to Europe Forbes Industries’ highly-regarded range of products, including the familiar Birdcage Luggage Cart.To Forbes Group’s existing portfolio of products, including banqueting tables and chairs, table skirting, chair covers, conference cloth and restaurant skirting, is now added the well-known Forbes Industries range of trolleys including those for luggage, room service and house-keeping, as well as other equipment including mobile bars, podiums, and rope and post public guidance systems.

    In addition, the link-up enables Forbes to offer a full spares and accessories service to existing Forbes Industries customers. So, if a client needs a replacement part for their Birdcage Luggage Cart, they can just ring Forbes Group.

    Despite the similarity of name, the two companies remain entirely independent of one another.

    They have though, said Forbes Group’s managing director Peter Graville, many things in common: “We were drawn to working with Forbes Industries because of our shared commitment to meeting our customers’ requirements. They, like us, are willing to pull out all the stops to find just the right product for their clients, and where nothing exists in the range, to adapt an existing product to meet that need. They also share our standards on quality.”

    Daniel Fountain / 02.06.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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