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    IDP Design has a design studio like no other. Nestled in the country in Surrey, UK, the employees work inside a converted barn. I visit managing director, Malcolm King, on a sunny day and as I sit down at the conference table I hear nothing but birds chirping outside. It’s all very relaxing and I ponder how it is possible to get any work done when it would be so easy to pass the days staring out at the green plains outside.However, Malcolm soon proves that he is dedicated to his work as he produces a long list of projects and talks about his latest in Barbados. IDP Design is currently fitting out the rooms for the Island Inn Hotel in Bidgetown, having previously completed the Mango Bay Hotel and Resort, an independent hotel on the island that has chosen to use the company’s room sets.

    IDP Design specialises in room sets which can be bought by hotel groups as an easy solution to fitting out bedrooms. The benefits are that there are no design or procurement fees and there is a cost benefit from volume purchasing. At the moment there are two room sets available, one priced at £2,600 and the other at £3,650.

    Considering that the sets include case goods, soft goods, carpet, decorative lighting and even artwork, these prices seem exceptionally reasonable. There is also no need for hotel groups to worry about another 100 hotels having the exact same room as them, as once 500 of the room sets are sold, IDP Design change the layout so that the design remains rare throughout the world.

    All the room sets are bespoke and the mirrors, lighting, chairs and other items are custom designed. Fabrics used come from companies such as Sekers and Panaz. The target market for the rooms includes Holiday Inn at the lower end and InterContinental at the high end. All the sets apply with hotel standards and the designs are often popular with independent hotels as well.

    Daniel Fountain / 03.06.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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