Fameed Khalique showcases innovative techniques in his Outdoor collections

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    Fameed Khalique keeps his eye finely tuned to innovations in materials, as London’s foremost expert on finishes he is the authority on what is unique, unusual and trending in design for the home. Each spring and summer a wave of interest in outdoor materials sparks a flurry of new launches, often spearheaded by advances in technology; as well as the aesthetic factor, outdoor materials of course must be practical. Below Fameed picks six favourites from his 2014 collection that help to create wow-factor outside, whilst demonstrating pioneering techniques that make it possible to use these outdoors.Fameed comments “our green spaces, terraces and balconies have become an extension of our living space, leading this trend is high-end design. You only have to glance at a weekend newspaper to find a story on the rise of property prices and even our super-wealthy clients find themselves squeezed into spaces they would find unthinkable in any other location. Outdoor space is a luxury and sanctuary and should be designed and dressed to maximise its potential”

    Waterproof Art Panels
    These stunning decorative art panels invite and inspire artistic expression outdoors.

    Using a specially formulated epoxy resin, the panels are 100% UV and water resistant meaning they will not fade or dull in the sun. They are suitable for areas exposed to water which allows for great creativity in entertaining spaces; they can be used with water features, incorporated into pool design or simply hung as a work of art. The panels are suitable for both walls and floors; you can select a design from a great range of abstract and organic inspired forms, or for the seriously creative, commission your own.

    Chella Textiles
    Chella’s collections artfully combines the look and feel of a luxurious interior fabric with the durability of an outdoor textile. This is the secret of the company’s success – the softest performance fabrics on the market and it continues to lead the field of outdoor textiles with the huge range and variety of usable styles it offers. Chella fabrics are a feat of technology, created from 100% solution-dyed acrylic meaning its outdoor properties are inherent and not coated on.

    Each fabric carries a full guarantee that it will not fade in sunlight, is mould and stain resistant and gives top results every time. The new range of colours they have launched for 2014 are playful, fun and perfect for upholstery.

    The three new fabrics for Spring 2014 – Gatsby, Linen Tweed and Dashing – are all 100% solution-dyed acrylic. Linen Tweed is a 100% solution-dyed linen-textured weave which mimics a luxurious and classic texture while being durable and long-wearing.

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    Daniel Fountain / 07.05.2014

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