Allgood launches the Signature Collection

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    Allgood’s Signature collection has been created from selecting the very best of Allgood’s core products and enhanced to enable designers to create individual styles to complement their design.The signature collection is available in Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, PVD Gold, PVD Bronze and Anodised Aluminum and features the Sembla range of handles.

    The main design principle of Sembla is the central node; the component which makes the physical connection to the door.

    There is a range of bespoke Grip and Tip finishes that you can add to the node, providing a whole host of permutations in aesthetic design which include:

    Knurled – with a series of fine ridges, Knurled Sembla has an industrial character matched by a superbly tactile and balanced touch.

    Light Wood – made from beech timber

    Dark Wood – made from beech timber with a rich mahogany stain

    Soft Touch – polyurethane based black coating with excellent durability. The finish gives the visual effect of low gloss with a soft feel, providing a tactile gripping experience

    Leather – can provide an interior with a continuation of a soft furnishing theme and provide a warm and luxurious grip.

    Daniel Fountain / 02.06.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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