What you need to know about Mosaico’s two new collections

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    What you need to know about Mosaico’s two new collections

    In the last 18 months, surface brand Mosaico has launched two new collections to its portfolio. Following the brand delivering an impressive Product Watch Pitch at our recent Hotel Designs LIVE event, we wanted to know more about the latest additions in the P-Saico and Cut Up ranges…

    Mosaico has launched two new ranges – and as well as being beautiful to look at they are also answering to the demands of modern travellers, which are calling out for tactile and interesting surfaces in hotel design.

    Firstly, let’s look at the new addition to the P-Saico range …. Melange! So named because the brand has mixed the existing P-Saico colourways to create four new dual toned options.

    The range is through body porcelain and so for use indoor and outdoor, wall and floor. And the range has LEED accreditation too so perfect when considering sustainability criteria.

    Image credit: Mosaico

    Then you can see the variation in the further two images from the new Melange collection, both in Plaster Coal. However, they look quite different due to the use of different coloured grout and it is amazing how this can change the dynamics and look of the decoration.

    You can see how the choice of grout colour highlights/outlines the patterns differently so it’s well worth considering how this can impact your scheme to create/add something quite individual.

    Then, the surface brand has just launched Cut Up!

    Image credit: Mosaico

    This is different to anything else the brand has as it has used incisions and applied textures to a larger slab creating divisions that break up the larger piece, as with the original concept of the mosaic format.

    The range is also through body porcelain and comes in four colourways. There are three modules with different detailing so Mosaico suggests fixing off bond to ensure no obvious repeat pattern and to mix the modules so the embedded textures appear more randomly across the installation, each installation can then be entirely unique. And of course, the choice of grout colour can dramatically change the finished look!

    There is something about the randomness of the decoration and the imperfect nature of this range allowing you to interpret it’s use to suit many schemes.

    As you can see, the brand is crafting new designs and diversifying from the regular mosaic format. With new shapes and materials, it hopes this inspires designers to integrate these new ranges as really interesting features, with a bit of a twist on mosaic, and with the help of your chosen grout colour, to fashion a really unique contribution.

    Mosaico are introducing new shapes and material, different to the regular square format we all know.

    Mosaico was a Product Watch Pitch Partner at Hotel Designs LIVE, which took place on August 10, 2021.

    Main image credit: Mosaico

    Hamish Kilburn / 23.08.2021


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