TREND feels the way with glass mosaics

Feel is a new collection of glass mosaics from TREND. Made from recycled molten glass, the range takes mosaics to a whole new level by playing with the senses and adding texture…

view from bathroom with green mosaic tiles by TREND Group across to room with hammock

The distinctive style of TREND solid glass mosaics have unique light-reflecting qualities and depth of colour that add a bespoke finish to any surface and project. The Feel range is able to add sustainability into the designer mix, utilising up to 78 per cent post-consumer material in production. The subtly striated finish has a silky-smooth appearance with the subtlest of textures evident to the touch and the interrupted surface creates a sense of movement as the light hits different angles within, adding extra depth and intrigue.

textured blue glass mosaics in the Feel range from TREND Group

Image credit: TREND Group

One of the key benefits of Feel is its semi-transparent surface, which has a silky texture that enhances brightness and differentiates it from TREND’s Vitreo collection. Additionally, Feel has been tested to resist chemicals, thermal shock, water, and freezing, ensuring it maintains its technical characteristics. The tiles can be used in a variety of applications, including on floors and vertical surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. It can also be used in contact with water, making it suitable for shower trays and swimming pools. Additionally, the mosaic’s small tile size and frequent joints make it inherently slip-resistant. It’s worth noting that, while the mosaic is waterproof, waterproofing of the foundation substrate may be required for swimming pools and other similar applications.

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Main image credit: TREND Group