Textured finishes from Edmund Bell

A key pillar in interior design, texture holds the power to create depth, warmth and interest in a space no matter how pared back or elaborate and Edmund Bell offers a multitude of textures and designs in its fabric collections giving designers co-ordinated and layered options across projects…

textured fabric moodboard from Edmund Bell

For the designers at Edmund Bell, texture is an integral part of the process, with the positive association that goes with touch and tactility, adding depth to the design – how a cushion feels, or how the carpet or rug feels under your feet, or how the sofa feels when you run your hand across the surface. When developing new fabrics, because Edmund Bell offer a range of decorative blackout, dim out, sheer, woven, upholstery and prints that can be used in a coordinated project approach across curtains, blinds, upholstery, cushions and bedding – a multitude of different textures and designs are available. From chunky weaves with interesting yarn combinations creating two-tone structures, to elegant and luxurious velvets, and other subtle textures.

textured fabrics Bounce and Sensations from Edmund Bell fabrics

Image credit: Edmund Bell

BOUNCE upholstery fabric has a super soft touch boucle yarn which is tremendously tactile – the twisted wool look fibres make this fabric extremely durable, and it suits a multitude of contract and domestic environments. Teamed with luxurious SENSATION velvet blackout fabric in an interior project, and you have two contrasting textures adding interest to the design.

Edmund Bell Twist thyme and chunky kale fabrics

Image credit: Edmund Bell

Texture can also be interpreted in the form of a textured design or pattern – LIMIT is a fabric from the woven range which captures the perfectly imperfect style of wabi-sabi. The staggered vertical lines capture a certain sense of creativity in its spontaneity. Combining texture with a geometric pattern has impact and will punctuate the partnership as well. Geometric style plays a crucial role in the pursuit of balance and harmony in an interior design scheme – it instantly energizes a room with its whimsical play on shapes. When paired strategically, simple pops of geometric forms are the key to keeping the scheme looking timeless and elegant, and this makes LIMIT, CONNECT and TWIST the perfect team from the woven range.

rusted metal surface inspiring textured fabric from Edmund Bell

Image credit: Edmund Bell

Texture can also be navigated in terms of rough or smooth, and both will impact a space in different ways. This can also be associated with textiles, with velvet adding a sleek, sophisticated and sensual feel to a drape or piece of furniture, whereas a boucle has a more honest, earthy and tactile sensation. A textured sofa or chair is a great addition to an interiors project, and can be easily layered with cushions and throws in different materials and patterns, as a way of adding depth and dimension to a room as well as comfort. The Edmund Bell range of upholstery fabrics offer a wealth of texture in different yarn choices and weave techniques, enhancing their textured appeal. Performance standards also merit a mention here with Enduracare+, Crib 5 and antimicrobial features adding extra security for Healthcare and Hospitality environments.

Choice is key, and mixing up the textures provides balance and visual interest. Texture is something you see, feel, but most of all, you sense it! Through strong visual effects adding more depth, detail, and the look of multiple layers; textured interior pieces bring new dimensions to every space.

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Main image credit: Edmund Bell