Supplier insight: the indispensability of hygiene

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    Supplier insight: the indispensability of hygiene

    For commercial interiors, the Covid-19 pandemic will leave a lasting legacy in the demand for surface finishes that can contribute to improved hygiene, says UNILIN

    More often only thought about in sensitive environments, hygiene has quickly become a factor in the specification of materials where before it wasn’t considered a concern. Now everywhere demands surfaces that can fight off bacteria or that are easy to disinfect.

    Fortunately, the need for a hygiene friendly finish doesn’t mean that interior projects have to compromise on design, at least not when it comes to laminated boards and HPL materials from UNILIN panels. These surfaces can be cleaned several times a day by 70 per cent alcohol solutions without fear of damage, helping in the ongoing maintenance and daily hygiene of commercial environments.

    In everywhere from schools and shops to offices and hotels and on everything from desks, tables and walls to doors and cupboards; UNILIN panels can provide a hygienic surface without sacrificing aesthetic integrity. With the UNILIN Evola collection, specifiers can bring the feel and look of natural materials, brushed metals and terrazzo, explore the crisp ‘clean’ colours of pure white and bright fresh green, or embrace the soft-touch effect of Super Matt Black; creating surfaces that are at once beautiful and hygienic. With more than 190 options, there’s really no limit to creativity.

    Bringing perfection in the details, UNILIN develops its surfaces in-house, experimenting with the depth of emboss and level of gloss to develop harmonious and lifelike designs, all without affecting the surface’s ability to be cleaned. So, whether creating a natural ambience for hotel guest rooms or a bold, graphic design for corporate offices; designers can offer customers universally simple maintenance in a finish designed to cope with busy commercial spaces.

    Jurgen Plas, marketing manager, UNILIN panels, says: “Undoubtedly, Covid-19 has accelerated change in commercial environments, not only in terms of how we use and engage with the space, but also in what that particular environment demands from its finishes. It’s been a dramatic and rapid shift, yet one that is set to last and we’re ready to rise to the challenge of hygiene with our melamine faced panels, HPL and innovative Clicwall system.”

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    Hamish Kilburn / 22.09.2020


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