RIBA-approved: Schlüter Systems’ CPD learning for architects and specifiers

    Schluter Systems underfloor heating
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    RIBA-approved: Schlüter Systems’ CPD learning for architects and specifiers

    Schlüter-Systems, the market leader in high performance integrated systems and solutions for tile and stone, are hosting a suite of RIBA-accredited CPDs online aimed at architects and specifiers…

    Schluter Systems underfloor heating

    The CPD seminars are a fantastic way of learning about best-practise within the construction industry. Each seminar provides a detailed look into a specific area, and the aim is that you come away armed with the tools you need to install products with ease.

    Considerations for Tile and Stone Installations

    Offering an overview of what should be kept in mind when dealing with tile and stone considerations, this seminar provides a solid introduction to working with these materials.

    Specifying Integrated Underfloor Heating Systems

    Focusing on the different options available for the specification of underfloor heating, this seminar details the ins and outs of hydronic and electric systems and what type of projects each are best suited to.

    10 Point Plan for a Perfect Wetroom

    Exploring wet room installations at the design and specification stage, this seminar will go through a variety of topics. This includes integrated vs. multi-manufacturer combined systems, waterproofing, technology and the difference between waterproof systems and water-resistant systems.

    Specifying Solutions for Crack-Free Tile and Stone Coverings

    Learn how to guarantee a crack-free finish for tile and stone, with recommendations and essential considerations in specifying problem-free coverings that last. Find out what you need to know about uncoupling, movement joints and best practise.

    Specifying External Applications with Tile and Stone

    Enhance your understanding of how to protect bonded installations of tile and stone installed on balconies, terraces, and patios. This seminar explores how to counteract the stresses of the environment and achieve functional assemblies.

    The CPDs are presented by Schlüter’s Area Specification Consultants and are currently being held online – to find out more and to book, please visit www.schluterspecifier.co.uk

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    Hamish Kilburn / 23.07.2021


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