Rediscovering the legendary Kashima

This year saw Ligne Roset launching the re-edition of the legendary Kashima sofa which, since its original production in 1976, has become a design classic…

glass walls, brown carpet and brown quilted ligne roset Kashima sofa

Originally designed by Michel Ducaroy in 1976, the generous shapes of latest Kashima model from Ligne Roset offers a so-called ‘English’ comfort, given the plush and reassuring image of the all-foam seat. Beneath the covers, Kashima hides a soft comfort in rounded and curved lines, with its integrated armrests, lumbar and headrest.

cream Kashima couch from Ligne Roset

Image credit: Ligne Roset

However, this comfort doesn’t jeopardise the quality of the high-density foams that compose it. The density of a foam is the only guarantee of longevity. The denser the foam is, the longer the seat will last. The buttoning is then made by using invisible tie rods, placed inside the foam.

brown two seater Kashima couch from Ligne Roset

Image credit: Ligne Roset

The fully quilted cover is given forms by the pinched seams at the corners, reinforced by interior laces. The nest shape of the seat allows the user to sit down, wedged on the sides. The seat height of 38 centimetres gives this model a comfortable seat with normal height, whereas the generous wide back form gives good support, while guaranteeing the design maintains its form.

Kashima also has four densities of foam, all clad in a layer of polyester quilting for its frame. The seat cover is itself quilted with a layer of polyester foam which gives a double surface comfort. The seat is thus formed of layers of firm densities for structure, but with soft parts on the surface for comfort.

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Main image credit: Ligne Roset