Product watch: Seating collection by Hommés Studio

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    Product watch: Seating collection by Hommés Studio

    Hommés Studio crafts its own identity with precision and challenges existing interior boundaries. From its natural look and textures to highly polished and coloured versions, all seating collections are a tribute to craftsmanship, honouring the art of creating soulful pieces with handmade techniques…

    The heart of every home depends on its owners. Some consider the living room, others the entryway, and still others the dining room. One thing is for sure, the seating composition wanders throughout the space creating a welcoming and functional space. A sectional here, an armchair there, and a bench somewhere create a different vibe in the space. With a bit of creativity, a perfect collection of chairs, sofas, armchairs, and benches can transform any room for the better.


    From vintage armchairs, retro armchairs, mid-century modern armchairs to more modern and contemporary armchairs, this is the best collection to incorporate in any interior space.

    Image credit: Hommés Studio

    AJUI Armchair

    Ajui Armchair is a luxury armchair that features an artsy interpretation of a cactus and a swivel base. This accent armchair is a conceptual piece and the perfect choice for a modern living area.

    MAX Armchair

    Max Armchair is a mid-century style armchair. This armchair brings details from the old days to contemporary design. Its shape and exquisite materials make it an outstanding accent armchair.

    ALICE Armchair

    Alice Armchair is a luxury armchair composed of exquisite materials. This eclectic armchair is perfect for a contemporary interior design project. It features the most comfortable materials that anyone can ask for in an armchair.

    2) CHAIRS

    The dining room is a showcase of every house because it is the center of meetings with family and friends. Sometimes it is not easy to choose the perfect furniture for your interior, but HOMMÉS Studio has a suitable chairs collection.

    SCILLE Chair

    Scille Dining Chair is a luxury armchair that features an asymmetric seat composed of curvilinear panels that intersect each other. An original and comfortable chair, ideal for a contemporary dining room project.

    PINA Chair

    Pina Dining Chair is an art deco-style armchair whose shape provides the best comfort for guests. Perfect for modern dining room projects that aim for a classic-chic vibe.

    KARMEN Chair

    Karmen Dining Chair adds instant class and contemporary chic to the home. A genuinely stunning seat, the velvet palette works well alongside creamy marble tables.

    3) DAYBEDS

    Seating Collection_23

    Image credit: Hommés Studio

    Daybeds are pieces of furniture that can be used for sitting, reclining, and sleeping. They feature fabric or leather cushions, as well as both curved and more streamlined silhouettes. The small size also makes them a versatile piece for narrow spaces.

    VOLARE I and II Daybed

    Volare Daybed is a luxury daybed. It features an ergonomic shape and exquisite details. It will provide the accent piece to a modern master bedroom or luxurious living room project.

    JAGGER Daybed

    Jagger Chaise Longue is a luxury chaise longue that aims to relax the body and mind and break routines, ideal for contemporary garden designs.

    4) SOFAS

    The sofa is the main element of living room furniture.  Find everything from shiny, contemporary sofas to cozy corner sofas and much more. All products offer extraordinary comfort and excellent.


    Gyvaté Modular Sofa is a sectional sofa with an elegant curvy silhouette. With an iconic aesthetic, this contemporary design piece allows a customizable composition to be a feature in a high-end interior design project. This curved sofa is the perfect place for entertaining as its incomparable shape enlivens your luxury living room.

    LUNARYS Sofa

    Lunarys Sofa is a contemporary style sofa that features a glamorous aesthetic look. It is an outstanding sofa that amazes everyone with its powerful presence. A stunning piece that disrupts commonly seen shapes, transitioning its admirers to another dimension.

    AJUI Sofa

    Ajui Sofa is a modern rounded sofa that combines an artsy interpretation of a cactus shape with the comfort expected from a luxury sofa. The perfect choice for a modern living room design or a unique retail project.

    5) BENCHES

    Hommés Studio’s wide selection of benches spans the modern design spectrum combining the perfect materials with bold shapes and colours.

    CADIZ Bench

    Cadiz Bench combines bold shapes with extreme attention to comfort. A Memphis style inspired bench, ideal for any modern seating area.

    FIFIH Bench

    Fifih Bench is the perfect luxury bench for a minimalist and modern interior architecture project. Elements from the past mixed with a futuristic vision.

    MOA Bench

    Moa Bench is an accent bench. Its base and seat express a solemn geometry that accent a modern identity in any contemporary interior design project.

    Hommés Studio is one of the brands that has taken advantage of our Industry Support Package. To keep up to date with supplier news, click here.

    Main image credit: Hommés Studio

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