Product watch: Regolo by Casa Ceramica

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    Product watch: Regolo by Casa Ceramica

    Dreamlike, flexible, durable, and tactile, Regolo by Casa Ceramica is an essential system characterised by different colour finishes and peculiar textures, that can be arranged and rearranged in an infinite array of compositions…

    Regolo by Casa Ceramica takes a fresh clean look, creating a harmonious balance of shapes, functions and shades of colour.

    With its clearly architectural vocation, Regolo, is made of glazed stoneware in white body porcelain. Making it ideal for residential, retail, and hospitality premises. In addition to the Flat versions, with their smooth and uniform or iridescent surfaces, Regolo is also available in the Textured Domino 50 and 100, Tatami and Bamboo versions with bas-relief motifs and structures. The new colour palette with its Panno, Lunaria, Ardesia, Ossido, Ceruleo, Cipria, Mattone, Tanè and Tabacco master shades, includes 3 neutral and 6 desaturated shades in both cold and warm tones.


    The Ultramatte opaque finish highlights the structure of the flat surfaces, emphasising the value of the essential elegance, as an invitation to meditation and creative freedom. The 9 colours – Panno, Lunaria, Ardesia, Ossido, Ceruleo, Cipria, Mattone, Tanè, Tabacco – and the Iridescent version, that adds a soft touch and delicate play of light. The Ultramatte finished can even be used on the floors too.

    The Iridescent is very different from the essential opaqueness of the Ultramatte. It follows the most current trends, with the mimetic ability to fit into silent and minimal settings with a surprising shiver of colour. The light that illuminates the surface is reflected in different tones depending on the observer’s angle, creating special chromatic effects. Iridescent’s futuristic image is born from a highly refined and environmentally friendly production process.


    Mathematical abstraction turns into beauty and timeless functionality. Domino 100’s covers the entire surface and adds movement by the bas-relief dots. Whereas Domino 50’s surfaces are only half decorated. The accurate spacing of the dots is created by perfect geometry. Domino is available in; neutral Panno, Ardesia, and Ossido shades.

    Image credit: Casa Ceramica


    A simple bas-relief line marks the opaque surface. A row that scans the surface of the ceramic, emphasising its structure and resistance, showing different compositional paths. The straight line of the tile offers maximum creative freedom when combined with other tiles. The rounded geometry in relief creates relaxing and harmonious play of shadows, in a fluid and coherent expression of elegance. Bamboo is available in the Panno, Ossido and Ceruleo shades.


    The tactile experience offered by Regolo meets with the sublime interwoven surface of Tatami. The recurring cross pattern is created using a module that is indirectly connected to the brand. Tatami is available in the Cipria, Mattone, Tanè, and Tabacco shades.

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    Main image credit: Casa Ceramica

    Hamish Kilburn / 21.08.2020


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