Product watch: new ‘greenworld’ lighting from Inspired by design

    Green light
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    Product watch: new ‘greenworld’ lighting from Inspired by design

    Inspired By Design, which was a Product Watch Pitch partner of Hotel Designs LIVE, brings the outside indoors with its new range of biophilic lighting. The brand’s Simon Shuck explains…

    Green light

    During the pandemic, being outside and connecting with nature has never been more important. This helps us to relax and think more clearly. Following our recent attendance at two Hotel Designs LIVE virtual conferences, where public areas were put under the spotlight, it became apparent that this type of lighting is of paramount importance.

    Public areas suffused with biophilic lighting exudes calmness and are more welcoming and have been reported to increase room rates. As moss and other biophilic materials absorb excessive noise, they create a more tranquil atmosphere reducing stress levels which is particularly beneficial in busy hotels, offices or clinical settings. So we realised that biophilic design enhanced entrances and other areas to be more inviting.

    Our moss and foliage is 100 per cent natural and maintenance-free and can also be used to create walls and dividers to aid absorbing sound in open spaces; ideal for large lobbies in hotels and commercial buildings.

    Bespoke lighting solutions

    Whether dramatic, delicate or discreet, we work bespoke to transform lighting ideas into reality – however flamboyant, we offer bespoke solutions. As one of the UK’s leading lighting suppliers, we love creating unique designs – the more fantastic the better.

    Our lighting is sheltered in five-star hotels worldwide including London, Monaco and Beverley Hills and Dubai.

    More recently, we are just about to start working on a new Hilton hotel in Woking, which is being structurally designed by architecture firm Gensler, where we will be supplying all the bedroom lighting together with bespoke decorative in all the public areas.

    Since you’re here, why not read our Hotel Designs LAB article on biophillic design 2.0 – from living walls to living hotels?

    Presently we are quoting for all the external lighting for a resort in Seychelles.

    Inspired By Design was a Product Watch Pitch Partner at Hotel Designs LIVE. 

    Main image credit: Inspired By Design

    Hamish Kilburn / 20.11.2020


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