Product watch: Introducing Rilievo by Gessi & HBA

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    Product watch: Introducing Rilievo by Gessi & HBA

    Taking a trip down memory lane – and celebrating timelessness in all its glory, Gessi first presented Rilievo, a design by world-renowned architecture and design company Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA),  in 2018 at International Design Week. Today, the faucets are as relevant and impressive now as they were then. Hotel Designs explores…

    Magisterially joining curves and straight lines, round and squared geometries, Rilievo marks an unprecedented design attainment in terms of style, flexibility and comfort. Its striking, and at a time reassuring design, together with its studied tactile look, evoke visual sensations that tell the emotions of feeling at ease and at home– everywhere in the world.

    The frenetic rhythm of work and daily life has compressed the natural dimension of the living space, Gessi engaged in creating a bathroom furnishings collection that inspires sensations of purity and wellbeing, and be able to organise the domestic scenery in an orderly and harmonious way so to be beneficial to the body and mind.

    HBA (Hirsh Bedner Associates), a leading hospitality design studio, was involved in the task of designing a collection inspired by neatness, clarity and harmony people demands from a private space of wellness.

    If harmony, based on order, is dictated by a mathematical or geometric ratio between parts, the maximum expression of purity of form is – according to HBA’s intuition, the enrolment of a circle into a square. This geometric and architectural figure has been greatly evocative through time and across continents and cultures.

    The circle evokes eternal movement; the square symbolises eternity and immutability. The coupling of these two geometries becomes the dynamic image of purity: the transition towards perfection and equilibrium. A circle inscribed into a square is the theme that Rilievo by HBA for Gessi brilliantly brings to life in a design that gives gracing of touch and sight and evocation of body and soul equilibrium centre-stage in the bathroom, in a new balance between style, emotion and functionality.

    Rilievo in ambiance bathroom setting

    Image credit: Gessi

    The concept of the circle inscribed in the square is taken up both in plan and in profile on all perspectives on the product. In plan, the rounded body on the back of the tap is inscribed in the square of its base. Sideways the same pattern is repeated on the circular cut of the lower profile framed in the square linearity of the body of the tap; finally, the circle inscribed in the square pattern is presented in an elegantly discreet way by the round detail embossed under the square end of the handle.

    Rilievo has been conceived to be simple to install, use, and maintain; these “Good Design” features have been devised expressly for the world of hospitality.

    The hybrid nature of the design with its encounter of curvy and straight, makes Rilievo match perfectly with both round and square shapes and fit perfectly in extremely diverse environments, be them minimalistic or decorative. The great aesthetic versatility of Rilievo is a major plus for a product conceived for functional and elegant bathrooms in the world of hospitality as well as in private residences.

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    Main image credit: Gessi

    Hamish Kilburn / 24.03.2021


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