If you can’t take the heat, take the fire outdoors with Focus

Gathering around the fire is an integral part of summer, and the outdoor collection from Focus takes over the terrace and adds a designer note to the event…

bubble wood burning outdoor fire designed by Focus

Designer Dominique Imbert designed his first fireplace, the model Antéfocus, for himself to heat up his sculpture studio located at the foothill of the Cevennes. This was followed by the creation that really sparked the imagination, the iconic Gyrofocus, created in 1968. Since then, Focus creations, still designed and made in France, are found in both private homes, hotels and some of the most prestigious design museums in the world. With this new collection Focus take the designer fireplace outdoors, making these moments of life in the garden or on the terrace memorable with its characteristic soul and style.

round metal bubble fireplace by Focus on wood terrace overlooking a lakeImage credit: Focus

The newest addition to the Focus portfolio is the Bubble brazier which is designed as a wood-burning outdoor fire. Intended to be installed in a garden or on a terrace, for the city or country, it is a compact and chic heat source with flickering flames designed to be enjoyed on balmy summer evenings. Equipped with two castors (on the back) and measuring a compact 700 mm in diameter, this brazier can be easily moved on level ground. Its removable inner bowl makes for low maintenance while its anticorrosion coating allows it to withstand the effects of environment, protecting the quality of its finish and its design. Bubble is part of the brazier-barbecue range that includes the ever-popular Sigmafocus and Diagofocus.

outdoor-indoor space with an outdoor fireplace by focus in a rust finish

Image credit: Focus

Focus’s outdoor range includes seven models – Gyrofocus,Bathyscafocus, Domofocus, Emifocus, Ergofocus, Miofocus and Paxfocus. All of the designs are available in two finishes: rust or black paint with anti-corrosion treatment. With specialist outdoor treatments and finishes all the designs are prepared for life in the great outdoors. With the rust version, the fireplaces are treated with acid in the factory to start the process which allows metal to age naturally. Whilst, on delivery, the rust-finished fires are orange, the outdoor installation will allow the rust to evolve over time. Rusty steel will darken and evolve a unique patina resembling old leather or patinated bronze. It is then, according to Focus, at its most authentic and resplendent.

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Main image credit: Focus