Harlequin launches new collection with Sophie Robinson

Harlequin x Sophie Robinson is the boldest collaboration yet from the fabric and wallpaper brand, with a collection colour palette that packs a serious punch…

a colourful collection of patterned cushions on a striped sofa with fabrics from Harlequin x Sophie Robinson Collection

Never have two creatives been so vibrantly aligned. Harlequin’s house of colour meets Sophie Robinson, designer, broadcaster and renowned queen of colour, in a masterclass of joyful colour and pattern mixing. The result is a daringly colourful collection of fabrics and wallpapers that takes its inspiration from Robinson’s own countryside garden.

Fusing natural references with archive designs and layering bold expressive colour on colour, this collection, including fabrics, weaves and wallpapers, journeys through nostalgic memories of alfresco dining, lazy summer days under the sun, picnicking, and embracing the beauty and glorious colour of nature.

Interior designer sophie robinson in her studio with colourful painted backdrop and colour charts on the table

Image credit: Harlequin

Abstract and archival designs collide in a symphony of colour. Uplifting and joyful, each design across fabric and wallpaper has been created to stir the senses and invigorate creativity in all. Every detailed design represents an exploration of the designers garden and the memories conjured from meandering across carpeted meadows, looking upwards towards basking tree canopies and lazily sipping on summertime tipples from the prettiest paper straws.

The collection harnesses the creativity of combining old and new, nature and art, colour and well, more colour. What has emerged is a maximalist moodboard, imbued with regenerative layers of pattern and print. Robinson’s eye for layering and being bold with colour and pattern harmonises with Harlequin’s renowned passion for bringing design confidence through the power of colour.

Ten wallpapers, eight prints and seven weaves make for maximalist dreamscapes in interiors, with the collection’s colours taking their names from gems and precious stones such as Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

“Sophie’s experience and authority of using colour in interior design dovetails perfectly with our passion for pattern and colour,” discussed Claire Greenfield, Lead Designer at Harlequin. “We’ve filled archive documents and contemporary artworks with bright, bold highlights, and brought her ideas to life in a way that empowers homeowners to create colour confident interiors that match their personality.”

While each design feels unique and expressive with its own print story, Wonderland Floral encapsulates the sentiment of the entire collection, with its joyous open florals in popping jewel tones. The exotic nature of the print makes for a stop and stare moment. The whimsy of the archival design, recoloured in Sophie’s signature bold colour palette, brings new meaning to the wildness of nature.

bright striped headboard against botanical print wallpaper and a bold green pattern throw on the bed

Image credit: Harlequin

“This collection is about nature running wild,” said Robinson.”It has been magnified in its psychedelic colours. Infused with enchantment, these are fantasy florals in fabric and wallpaper. Wonderland is a vivacious hero of this sentiment.”

Dappled Leaf is a statement design inspired by the enveloping nature of trees. This canopy of bowing branches is a bold focal point while remaining deeply connected to nature. “Dappled Leaf is the most gloriously versatile print, moving seamlessly from wallpaper to drapes and upholstery,” added Robinson. “It has such a lovely depth and sense of movement in the design.”

Something this collection delights in is a playfulness. Memories of embracing nature and the nostalgia that is stirred up in summer moments, comes to the fore in designs such as Sherbet Stripe and Jewelled Beetle. Bold, contrasting and delightfully playful, Sherbet Stripe is a candy cane of  the designer’s favourite colours while Jewelled Beetle creates contrast and intrigue, beautifully juxtaposing the florals, stripes and wiggles of other designs.

“I very distinctly wanted a beetle for this collection, with its edginess and its natural suit of armour, ready to be bejewelled and adorned,” continued Robinson. “The humble but bold beetle is a symbol of disruption to the ordinary and this collection with Harlequin is anything but ordinary.”

Many fabrics in the collection have been produced using Harlequin’s new digital pigment inks, which, are considered one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ink options available. Additionally, BCI cotton has been used throughout and all materials are responsibly sourced and ethically produced, with all wallpaper printed in the UK on FSC certified substrates, from sustainable, traceable sources.

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Main image credit: Harlequin