Product watch: Formation from Modieus

Hotel Designs caught up with the talented Modieus design trio – Leah Manwaring, Debra Ryan and Marijke Arkley –  to get an inside track on their design journey in creating Formation…

moodboard and samples from Modieus Formation

It’s always good to hear what’s new from people driven by creativity and the desire to be the best in their field. Established in 2015, founder, Xander Okhuizen has assembled an expert team in Modieus, to deliver unrivalled commercial flooring solutions. His formula for happy clients and a happy and effective team is not sell, but instead work in collaboration to deliver beautiful bespoke flooring.

design palette for Formation Collection from Modieus

Image credit: Modieus

Modieus are specialists,” discussed Okhuizen. “We are not big in size, but we are giants when comes to experience. We love what we do and are easy to work with. Most of all, we like the people we work with, and they like us. Business is personal, our job is to inspire our clients and ensure we deliver effective solutions. Our new collection Formation is founded on our knowledge of weaving”.

“The collection is inspired by the fundamental elements of weaving – warp, weft, and their intricate dance,” expanded Lea Manwaring, Designer Modieus. “The colour palette is a homage to the Bauhaus women weavers, Anni Albers, Gunta Stölzl and Marli Ehrman as it playfully reimagines the formation of yarns, resulting in a collection that pushes the boundaries of textile design”.

chair and table on Modieus Rythmic carpet design

Image credit: Modieus

There collection is made up of four chapters – Rhythmic, Intermittent, Intersect, and Undulate. The ‘Rhythmic’ chapter is a burst of energy. Charcoal blues complement the pulsating accents of punchy red, pinks and lime green. Throughout, the designs playfully defy straight lines, embracing a wonderfully vibrant energy. It’s a confident aesthetic that just works.

patterned Intermittent carpet design

Image credit: Modieus

‘Intermittent’ exudes harmonious tension. Sage and soft greens mingle with lavender mauves, punctuated by bursts of pink wine and a touch of apricot. The meticulously placed grids seem fragmented, but in reality, are a clever interplay between order and chaos.

checked design detail of carpet by Modieus

Image credit: Modieus

The ‘Intersect’ chapter builds upon the concept of intersection, but with a twist. The grid-like structures become juxtaposed. Vibrant stripes interweave, their intersections often disrupted, broken, and obstructed. This interplay creates a sense of irregularity pushing against the traditional woven aesthetic. The grounding charcoal blues and jewel tones allow the peach, apricot, burnt oranges to pop.

patterned carpet in peach and grey

Image credit: Modieus

Modieus capture the flow of design beautifully in ‘Undulation’. Dark blue-green greys, subtle beiges and creams, and a touch of peachy pink create a tonal calming palette. Overlapping layers of these hues flow and scribble with a sense of freedom.

Designers Manwaring, Ryan and Arkley developed this collection as a trio. Each bringing their unique perspective on design and colour. Inspired by how Hella Jongerius, Scholten & Baijings, Patricia Urquiola and Louise Bourgeois manipulate grid formations, pushing ideas of order and chaos, Manwaring explained her design journey, “I really enjoy the creative process, all things are possible, sometimes the imperfections or mistakes and the process as it reveals itself makes for some exciting pathways. I also incorporated some designs I made with an AI image generator, to see what the mix and mash up looks like”.

moodboard, colour palette and samples of Formation carpet designs

Image credit: Modieus

Ryan looked at the concept of the grid formation through American Street Art, an 80’s/90’s vibe with graphic, yet free-hand textures and layers. Inspired by the layering and composition of Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Augustine Kofie, she said, “I took an approach not unlike the 1980s art scene which thrived on experimentation with layered art, incorporating various media and techniques to push boundaries. I embraced a process-oriented method to create layers and put them together”.

colour wheel and sample palette for Modieus carpet designs

Image credit: Modieus

Arkley started with colour, taking cues from fashion designer Molly Goddard mixed with the luminance of lighting pieces by James Turrell. See took a deep dive into the work of handweavers Meghan Speilman and Molly Haynes. Being a Modern Maker herself, she told us “My loom could be likened to a canvas, each warp has endless opportunity to mix colours and create combinations… In a world of mass production, I find freedom in the slow process of hand weaving, creating unique pieces that hold the essence of an age-old tradition!”

Whether its broadloom, rugs, or tile, Modieus is the perfect partner if you want stand-out flooring. Xander sums up, “I take a positive outlook on life and business. Work hard, treat people well, do the right thing – I have built a business that I always wanted to work for, and I am pleased to have a great team around me to deliver our potential”.

Modieus is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our Recommended Suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

Main image credit: Modieus