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  • Product watch: Focus launches the gas Gyrofocus

    Computer generated image of a luxurious and modern living room interiors. 3D Rendering of a full furnished living Room.
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    Product watch: Focus launches the gas Gyrofocus

    Focus has launched the world’s first pivoting gas fire, the gas Gyrofocus – a new patented global innovation with design meeting environmental standards – once again shaking up established codes…

    Computer generated image of a luxurious and modern living room interiors. 3D Rendering of a full furnished living Room.

    Fireplace brand Focus, which was recently Highly Commended in The Eco Award category at The Brit List Awards 2020, has reinvented replace technology with the announcement of the world’s first pivoting gas fire. Introducing the gas Gyrofocus.

    The legendary design, originally created more than 50 years ago as a wood-burning stove, has a newly patented technology allowing the gas to be brought down through a sealed pipe into the suspended replace whilst pivoting 100 degrees. This is a real technological feat and a world first recognised by the filing of a patent.

    Image credit: Focus

    The gas Gyrofocus is practical, easy to maintain and a stress-free fire. It is a generous and spectacular fire with ceramic logs that perfectly imitate the dancing ames of a real wood fire.

    The first suspended and pivoting gas replace is energy efficient with an output of 13 kW and allows for ease of installation above any type
    of flooring. The gas Gyrofocus is also equipped with remote control: instant ignition, adjustment of flame and heat intensity, programming for controlled, constant and comfortable heat.

    Odourless and with zero particle emissions, this icon naturally finds its place in an apartment in any geo-location. Thanks to its ease of use, this sculptural design can be installed in the reception areas of large hotels, restaurants and establishments open to the public.

    With its advanced technology, the gas Gyrofocus, available in two colours (black or white) cannot be sold without a preliminary technical survey of the site and its installation must be carried out by official Focus partner-resellers trained in this technology. The model is equipped with a specially designed plate to allow the gas to pass through the pipe. The installation operates on batteries and the burner is controlled with a remote control.

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    Main image credit: Focus

    Hamish Kilburn / 17.11.2020


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