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    If you have ever wondered where architects source those dramatic fireplaces and stoves, look no further, Focus is the go-to design manufacturer for these outstanding statement, fires.

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    The Focus collection includes suspended ceiling, wall, built-in, pivoting or fixed and outdoor fireplaces which look equally at home in a broad range of spaces from hotels and spas, to balconies and beach dwellings and so much more. There is a world of possibility.

    Focus fireplaces combine beauty and brains, function and form to create a range of more than 70 designs for inside and outside. A large number of Focus models come in either wood-burning or gas versions, with a choice of finishes.

    For more than 50 years, Dominique Imbert’s creations for Focus have been making design history. In 1967 he designed his first fireplace for his own use.  The Antéfocus model was born in the heart of his sculpture studio located at the foothill of the Cevennes. Yet, the creation that really sparked the imagination was the now iconic Gyrofocus, created in 1968. Since then, Focus creations are found in private homes, hotels and some of the most prestigious design museums in the world. Many Focus fireplaces have been awarded international awards for both design and technology.

    The success of Focus is due to its ability to innovate both technically and in terms of design. Each and every fireplace is made to measure for each project. All of the fireplace designs are hand crafted in the South of France.  From the creative department, employing 30 staff, to the manufacturing plant based nearby in Cavaillon employing 70 people; the universe of the Focus is faithful to its founder, Dominique Imbert, both authentic and creative and respected the world over.

    Image credit: Focus

    Try out a Focus fireplace directly in your project  with their innovative new application. Using augmented reality technology, the Focus Creation app (Both Google Play and Apple App Store) allows you to visualise, in real time, many of the models in the Focus range without ever leaving home. You can use the app to view a fireplace in any position and from any angle in a setting of your choice.

    Focus has a comprehensive multilingual website with a dedicated hotel and hospitality section. In addition it has all the technical detail required to specify a fireplace, 3d visualisations and You Tube films.

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