Product watch: cover your walls with wine

Corbello Loxstone has ventured out the box, creating bespoke wine pegs and combining a wine storage solution with the creativity and finish of a feature wall…

organic gold wine rack wall by Corbello Loxstone against green plant print wallpaper

The subject of wallcoverings can conjure up an exhaustless list from paint colours, wallpaper patterns and prints, wood textures and panelling through to luxuriously tactile surfaces such as leather and velvet – but Corbello Loxstone have taken a fresh look at wall covering as a storage solution.

The Corbello Loxstone wine pegs, or pins, provide a designer option that typically occupies minimal space, while effectively and beautifully displaying a wine collection of any size. A wine wall gives a dedicated storage space to your wine collection while transforming it into a stunning and beautiful focal point.

a feature wine peg wall by Corbello Loxstone

Image credit: Corbello Loxstone

With the design world continually evolving and changing, with designers striving for a new and unique idea, wine pins allow creativity to combine with practicality along with a limitless application of design. Let those creative juices flow, as the flexibility of wine pins allows you to diversify and rethink the way you organize and showcase a wine collection. Wine pins create instant impact on a wall, drawing the eye and can be integrated into a room incorporating factors such as spacing, lighting, mirrors and other design considerations. They can be used to brighten up a small wall space or as a main feature on a large wall. Wall-mounted wine storage can be seamlessly incorporated with existing décor or added to spaces between current storage cabinets.

geometric wine display on wall using corbello loxstone wine pegs

Image credit: Corbello Loxstone

As space is not an issue with wine pegs, this allows for a flexibility when incorporating wine storage into an interior scheme. It can be incorporated into a room, or used to divide spaces and rooms. Use the installation as a focal point in an entrance or lobby, as a creative storage solution. Call it a wine wall, a wine room, a wine space, a wine cellar, a wine display, a wine cabinet or whatever you like, use wine pegs, wine racks or wine holders, there is just one rule: it should be a beautiful showcase for a cherished wine collection.

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Main image credit: Corbello Loxstone