Modieus: taking biophilic inspiration and making sustainable choices

Over the years, the team at Modieus has shared some amazing biophilic inspired designs, but this year they are also backing a world in which all people recognise the value of trees…

biophilic inspired interior with flooring by Modieus

Hotel Designs first featured the Australian based carpet and rug company Modieus in 2021, when we reviewed their Embracing Nature trends forecast. The aim then was to inspire a deeper connection with nature, and consisted of four key themes: grounded, green utopia, textured layers and crafted. Since then, we’ve seen them build on the greenery trend with their new take on the Urban Street as part of their 2022 trend forecast.

“Our collective love for lush indoor environments will continue to bloom,” explained Leah Manwaring, Modieus design team. “Our innate connection to nature has seen the incorporation of biophilic elements within interior spaces, while outdoor spaces such as courtyards and balconies have become secondary living and working spaces.”

green biophilic urban street inspiration moodboard

Image credit: Modieus

“As a world we have become aware of the vulnerability of our natural environment, said Xander Okhuizen, Founder of Modieus. “Like the rest of the world, in Australia we have seen the devastating impact of bush fires and floods on our natural environment. Throughout my career I have promoted quality products as a sustainable choice. Many of the carpets and rugs we supply are made from sustainable materials such as wool. But is that enough my kids ask?”

With this in mind Modieus is not only embracing biophilic design and all things green through design and production, but is also giving back by directly supporting the organisation Trillion Trees Australia through sales.

“I want Modieus to be a business that cares about future generations and the world we are leaving behind. So, I am delighted that Modieus has chosen to support the work of Trillion Trees Australia, by planting one tree for every 10m2 sold from March 2022.”

natural surfaces and textures with seating and flooring by modieus

Image credit: Modieus

Trillion Trees is a Not-for-Profit tree planting organisation based in Western Australia. They have planted over 15 million trees, and Modieus are thrilled to support their mission to reach a trillion.

“And my kids,” Xander adds? “Well, they are delighted to see my generation echoing their concerns and doing something that is simple to understand and will have a positive impact on their world.”

With this commitment to the environment, it is reassuring to know that beautiful design and interiors goes a lot deeper than surface design, and can make a real difference.

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Main image credit: Modieus