M+: the shape of tiles to come

With the pressure on to create bathroom interiors that restore and inspire, the tiles of M+ provide an array of options that introduce natural tones, texture and pattern to any space and surface…

M+ tiles design Cut-up in white

Taking tiles beyond being a simply practical surface in the bathroom, the collections and designs from M+ introduce different elements that take a much more tactile approach to the traditional tile. Tiles that will suit a range of projects and installations, styles and budgets. Tiles that will pull their weight when it comes to creating a design that transports the bathroom from the everyday to a multi-sensorial space.

natural textures and colours in the Loom tile collection by M+

Image credit: M+

The Loom collection adds a complex combination of patterns and textures which can work either on the wall or on the floor. The cotton-coloured tile tones in with the basin, keeping everything calm, clean and bright. This tile is through body porcelain and made up of modules of 14x70cm featuring numerous fake cuts to create the strong herringbone pattern, while being laden with texture influenced from embroideries and traditional lace making. There are two left hand patterns and two right hand patterns. For an optimum pattern, a staggered end to end fixing is recommended. The range, with an R-10 rating, comes in five earthy inspired tones; Hemp, Dust, Carbon, Cotton and Madder. It has an R-10 rating. The inherent pattern in this collection can be highlighted by the choice of grout.

Quilt tiles in natural cchalky colours on the floor and the wall by M+

Image credit: M+

The Quilt range invites designers to put their stamp on it, as the individual pieces can be used to create different patterns from the seemingly random to the more ordered approach. It is through body porcelain and available in three neutral base colours, Chalk, Mud and Clay and with a Smooth or Raw surface finish, rating is R-11. The pieces are singles, 9,4cm x 9,4cm with a contrasting-coloured segment or plain versions with a fake joint that can join the pieces together such as stitching, as the range was patchwork inspired.

diamond tile creates a geometric deign behind the basin

Image credit: M+

Diamond, the sister range to Jointed is a meshed and geometrical design with repeated modules slotting together, resulting in something different and creative to be used in regular areas on the wall or as a panel to stand out as a piece of art. Jointed is a thin glass based tile, again on mesh and available in five different layouts created by scoring patterns into the chips and available in seven different colour choices.

black Stick tiles by M+on the wall and floor

Image credit: M+

And finally, in an atmospheric and dramatic design statement that will transport any bathroom design into an immersive spa experience, Sticks is a collection of through-body porcelain stoneware modules suitable for indoor and outdoor floor, wall coverings and pavings and immersion (swimming pools). This collection is made from slabs of pressed material cut into the various collection sizes, with different surface finishes, and is available in the moody hues of Plaster, Clay, Smoke and Coal.

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Main image credit: M+